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Seasonal Preventive Home Maintenance

We’re well into summer at this point, and you’re probably starting to tackle some of the bigger preventive home maintenance chores. We’ve created a guide of things to cross off your to-do list before the end of summer. Follow these tips for better home efficiency now through winter.  

Outdoor Preventive Maintenance


Heating and cooling systems are beneficial to have, but not so much when they malfunction. At the height of summer, your air conditioning units should be running efficiently so as to avoid racking up unnecessary energy bills—or worse, a complete AC failure. The same will hold true for the coming fall and winter. In the months before the cold hits, take care to have your heating system inspected for issues like poor ventilation, and change filters to promote clean airflow. 

Pest Control

Some of the biggest concerns in the hotter months are pests like bees and mosquitoes. Fortunately, repellent sprays do their jobs effectively. Termites can wreak havoc anytime of year, though, if your fail to take precautions early. We recommend making pest control a part of your preventive home maintenance regimen by having the outside of your home sprayed with pesticides. This can eliminate existing pests and prevent holes, foundation problems and leaks during winter. 

Roofing and Gutters

Your roof and accompanying drainage system guard you and your family from the elements, so you definitely want to maintain their integrity. Over the course of the year, gutters collect dirt, grass and leaves, so it’s best to clean that out now to ensure that debris drain off properly through the episodes of wind, rain and snow ahead. The same is true for your roof. Inspect your ceilings for cracks and the actual roof for shingle damage. One unresolved issue now could lead to catastrophic damage during the coldest time of year—and no one to fix it. 

Indoor Preventive Home Maintenance

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Pollutants sneak into homes easily, especially since we can’t smell them. We can avoid the trouble, however. Check your carbon monoxide detectors a few times a year to ensure proper function and battery life. Is the device chirping? It’s probably time for new batteries. And especially with fireplace use at its high in the winter, functional smoke detectors are essential. Try to replace these devices every ten years to guarantee your protection. 

Ceiling Fans

Clockwise or counterclockwise? The direction of your ceiling fans dictates whether warm or cold air is produced. For maximum cool air flow now, get the blades spinning counterclockwise so that they push cool air down. Reverse this in a few months to carry warm air upward and prevent drafts in your home. If the fans aren’t run very often, be sure to wipe the blades with a damp rag to eliminate dust. 

Chimney Cleaning

Chim-chim-eny, chim-chim-eny…Your chimney and fireplace are in rest mode for now, so it’s a convenient time for a thorough cleaning and inspection. Certified chimney sweeps can thoroughly check to ensure that soot and sludge aren’t gumming up the chimney—major home fire hazards—so that you’re ready to use your fireplace well before the first snowflake drops. Pro tip: the earlier you do this, the less busy chimney sweeps will be.

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