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Sewer Line Options with a Pittsburgh Plumber

If you’ve been working with a Pittsburgh plumber for years to cut roots out of your sewer pipes, or you’ve tried having the pipes cleaned and it just won’t work, consider replacing or relining your sewer pipes. These procedures replace or rehabilitate your sewer lines, giving new life to your home’s plumbing.

One issue that many homeowners face when considering replacing or relining their sewer pipes is timing. Because plumbing issues are often an emergency, there can be very little time to do research and make decisions. However, considering your home’s plumbing in advance can be useful. If you know that your sewer is older, you may wish to consider having a consultation now, rather than waiting a year or two until it’s a real emergency. Getting advice early might also save you some money, since you won’t have to worry about paying more expensive Pittsburgh plumbers to help you with your pipes.

If you’ve made the decision to do something about your sewer pipes, you may have a few different options. It depends on the layout of your home, as well as your landscaping and your timeline. Each of these options may have pros and cons that you’ll wish to consider when you’re thinking about relining your sewer pipes.

sewer line pittsburgh plumber

Three ways a Pittsburgh plumber could help your sewer lines:

1. Excavate and replace. Replacing older sewer lines can often require digging up your yard and possibly even your garage or driveway. This method requires digging trenches, removing the old pipes, and replacing them with new ones. If you don’t have too much pipe to replace, or it wouldn’t be disruptive to your lifestyle, this could be an option that works for you and your home. Most Pittsburgh plumbing companies can perform this kind of sewer line replacement.

2. Trenchless replacement. Rather than digging trenches hither and yon, you might be able to replace your sewer pipes and keep your landscaping in one piece. Trenchless replacement involves bursting the old pipe and using it as a channel for pulling a new pipe through. The newer pipe is typically made of a stronger material than the old pipe. Although this might cause a few scratches in the pipe, it’s generally a safe and effective way to replace a sewer line without completely destroying your landscaping. It does, however, involve a couple of small holes, so you might want to check with your Pittsburgh plumber to learn how disruptive it might be before going through with the procedure.

3. Sewer relining. Rather than replacing the line altogether, you may be able to simply reline the pipe. This procedure typically involves one small hole, and can be completed relatively quickly. At Terry’s Plumbing, we use the Perma-Lateral Lining System. Instead of removing or replacing the pipe, the system repairs broken or cracked pipes with a liner. This non-disruptive method can be used for entire pipes or even simply sections of pipe. By lining a pipe, it may narrow the diameter somewhat, but this rarely affects the ability of the pipe to carry waste from your home.

Exploring your options for pipe repair or replacement could save you time and money. Before you’re facing a plumbing emergency, consider contacting a Pittsburgh plumber to discuss your sewer pipes. If you live in an old home or a home with an older sewer system, this could be especially important.

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  1. John Ferrell says:

    You said that a new pipe will be stronger than an old one. If I was going to get my sewer relined I would want to make sure it was done correctly. I’ll need to ask someone that I trust for assistance when learning about different ways to get a sewer relining done.

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