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Don’t Let Sewer Line Repairs Ruin Your Summer BBQ

Summer is coming and we’re all getting excited. Soon we’ll be able to do more things outside and using our outdoor space to its fullest. Picnics, barbeques, gardening, games—you name it and it’s on our minds. However, it’s important to make sure your yard is ready for all that attention and traffic. We always have our minds on sewer line repairs and other plumbing related issues, so that’s where we start our focus.

Check the Status of Your Lawn

Have you noticed your lawn is squishy and wet, even when it isn’t raining? That could be a sign of a plumbing problem. Your yard has lateral pipes from which waste water is carried from inside your home to your sewer system. A leak here would create wet and/or sunken sections in your yard. This is one of the first things to investigate when making your lawn BBQ ready.

A few other things to look for include a sewer smell in the yard—you can’t get less appetizing than that, right? In addition to just being gross, the bacteria from this can cause damage to the grass and other plants in your yard, as well as potentially seep into your water source. Low water pressure and an increased water bill can also be a sign of trouble. There could be several other explanations, but if these things are happening in combination with a wet yard, that’s definitely the place to start looking.

Super Terry can Recommend Sewer Line Repairs 

If you’ve determined a problem with the pipes under your lawn, that’s the first thing you need to take care of to get ready for BBQ season. Don’t risk a shoddy or overpriced job. Give us a call so we can use our Gen-Eye Inspection/Pipe Location System to determine if you have root clog issues, bellied or unstable pipes and how severe the damage is.

Super Terry can pinpoint exactly where the problem lies, saving you money when it comes to sewer line repairs. We believe there’s no need to fix or replace areas that aren’t a problem. If your pipe damage is too extensive for a simple fix we can offer you multiple plans for a complete sewer line replacement if necessary. We have sewer specialists who deal with this every day. Terry’s can help you get through the yucky part of prepping for yard use so you can focus on the fun things.

How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

There’s so much you can do to make your yard a fun and welcoming place for your family and guests. Once you are confident in your sewer system, you can start looking at seating arrangements. Whether you want to go for rustic picnic tables or stone benches in the grass or bistro tables on the patio you’ll have plenty of options. Make sure to leave room for your grill and a nice station for setting up and grilling. If you plan to utilize this space a lot, it’s a good idea to create a food serving station as well.

Consider a fire pit, both for roasting things at and just for sitting around, it creates a great ambiance.  Don’t forget the lighting. Stick with your theme, if you have a rustic set up, old style torches are perfect. A modern classic look can use chic lanterns. If you can, look for solar lights to save power. And don’t forget about keeping the bugs away! You can use torches with bug repellant, candles, or plan ahead enough to plant things such as citronella around your yard.

Let Super Terry Handle Sewer Line Repairs

We can do our part to keep your yard clean and cared for, so you can do the fun stuff. Check out what we have to offer for sewer work on and website and reach out to us.