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Should I Turn my Water Off Before Going on Vacation?

A relaxing vacation is what everyone wants, but water damage–no thanks! That leads to the common question: should I turn my water off before going on vacation? 

Is Shutting Off your Water Important?

Getting away and enjoying a relaxing vacation is great. But there’s a slight chance you could come home to something not so enjoyable. If you don’t turn off your water before leaving, it will sit stagnant in your pipes. And if any of those pipes or lines happen to fail due to wear, corrosion or breaks, water will flow out at a normal pressure as if a faucet had been turned on.

This will unfortunately continue until the water has been shut off completely. If it happens when you’re out of town, it can cause some serious damage. By shutting off your main valve before leaving for vacation you can avoid disasters such as the ones described below!

Reasons to Shut Off your Water

  1. Broken toilet and washing machine supply lines: These lines are constantly holding water, which can cause them to break or leak. In the event this happens, the toilet or washing machine can fill and overflow—causing a major flood and water damage.
  2. Water heater leaks: Just like other lines and pipes, your water heater is constantly holding water, so it has the potential to leak or burst. If there is a small leak, it can cause mold to grow, making the area smelly and musty. Also, if your tank bursts, it may flood your garage or basement and leave lasting effects on the flooded area.
  3.  Faucets and water lines: Although the listed items above are two of the most common problems, you can’t forget the water lines that are running throughout your home. A pipe could leak or burst in any room or wall causing damage to kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and all the personal items within them.

Some Extra Tips

Shut off your water lines and drain them before winter getaways. During winter, the drop in temperatures can make the water in your pipes freeze. When water freezes, it expands, causing pipes to split or burst. To prevent this, first shut off the main water supply. Then, turn on every water fixture in your home until it stops running. It is recommended when draining to start on the topmost level of your home and work your way down.

Inspect your home before you leave. Take a quick look at all your faucets, water supply lines and any pipes you have access to a few weeks prior to your vacation. This gives you a chance to spot any leaks or damage and provides you ample time to have a professional plumber fix any issues.

Need help?

Should I turn my water off before going on vacation? Yes! Super Terry can help you fix plumbing problems, flooding issues and even locate your water main supply before you go on a vacation. Contact us today for more information!