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Simple Ways to Go Green

Making environmental changes around your home doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. In fact, some of the simplest ways to go green are to change your plumbing fixtures for ones that use less water or energy. Hiring a Pittsburgh plumber to make a few simple changes could even save you money. After all, when you’re using less water, you can generally expect the number on your bill to start dropping. If you’re ready to go green, here are a few easy places you can start:

Swap out your water heater

One of the simplest ways to conserve water (and spend less money heating water in your home!) is to change out your water heater. Tankless water heaters can produce hot water as-needed, which can help you save money on your energy bill. Rather than wasting energy heated unneeded water, these models only heat water when you turn on a tap. Plus, a Pittsburgh plumber could help you change out your water heater in less than a day! If you don’t want to go tankless, you might also wish to consider getting a model with a better efficiency rating.

Consider your commode

Did you know that toilets account for nearly a third of the average household’s water use? If you’ve got an older commode, you could literally be flushing money down the drain with every water bill. Think about swapping out older toilets in your home with high-efficiency models. Newer toilets even come with two flush modes, so you can choose when to use more water (and when to use less).

Go with the (low) flow

Low flow fixtures can help you save money throughout your house wherever water is used. These fixtures aren’t just confined to toilets – you could also get low flow shower heads and faucets. Today’s low flow fixtures are designed to ensure performance as well as reduce water use. You no longer have to worry about weak water flow with today’s low flow products. Plus, when you’re using less water in the shower, you won’t have to heat as much water. This could be a huge boon to your power bill.

A Pittsburgh plumber can change your appliances

If you’re considering making the switch to green products in your kitchen and bathroom, don’t worry about the renovations. Changing out appliances, especially when it comes to plumbing, can be tricky even for the experienced DIYer. Instead, think about bringing in a plumber to make the changes for you. Heavy, outdated water heaters and toilets can be heavy to move and tricky to replace.

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