Kitchen sink and counter

Single or Double – Choosing The Right Sink

The decision to install a single or double sink can be a difficult one. Each type of sink has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the pros and cons can help you decide which model makes the most sense for your life.  

Single Sink: Advantages and Disadvantages

Single sinks have one basin for washing and rinsing. People who have a single sink must grapple with logistical problems like where to rinse and where to dry their dishes. If the sink is full of dishes, it can be difficult to find a place where pots can be filled with water and vegetables need to be rinsed.


This type of sink takes up less space than double sinks, so single sinks are preferable in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium. Single sinks are also a common option for second sinks found in kitchen islands. For low maintenance options, some people prefer single sinks. Often people who have single sinks rely heavily on their dishwasher because dishes are easier to wash than in a single sink.   

Double Sink: Advantages and Disadvantages

In large kitchens, double sinks give homeowners a place to complete a variety of tasks. For example:

  • Use one side to soak dishes and the other side to wash and rinse.
  • Use one side of the sink to dry dishes in a strainer and one side to wash and rinse.
  • Use one side to hold water to wash food, and rinse dishes on the other side.
  • Use one side of the sink to scrape food off of dishes into the garbage disposal, and use the other side of the sink for washing and rinsing.

…and so on. Double sinks give homeowners flexibility and make it possible to perform a variety of household tasks. That said, double sinks are not suitable for homes with small kitchens and limited counter space. Double sinks take up more space and can negatively impact a room where there is already a shortage of workspace.

Not Sure Which One You Want? Talk To A Plumber

Sometimes the easiest way to decide the type of sink to install in your home is to talk to a plumber. If your home already has a sink, and you’re thinking about replacing it, there may be logistical concerns that your plumber can bring up that might make your decision easier. Contact a plumber to visit your home for a consultation today.  

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