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Splash Pads: Construction and Installation

A properly engineered splash pad will save time and money in long-term maintenance and operational costs. Additionally, it allows for flexibility when expanding or upgrading in the future. In this blog, we cover the construction and installation of splash pads from start to finish. Keep on reading for more!

Stage 1: Site Planning & Analysis

Performing a full analysis of your site ensures that the intended design of the splash pad complies with local building codes and best construction practices. Hiring an experienced aquatic project engineer will help you cover those bases and keep your splash pad on schedule.

Aquatic project engineers manage the scheduling, pre-planning, resource forecasting, and other technical activities required for your splash pad. Additionally, you can put your project engineer in charge of handling all communications with your aquatic designers, landscape architects, and splash pad installers.

Stage 2: Feasibility Evaluation

You’ve done the groundwork for your project. Next, it’s time to evaluate all of the relevant factors that could affect the success of your aquatic play project.

Start by asking yourself the list of questions below:

  •   Where is the water supply coming from for my splash pad?
  •   What water consumption rates should I expect?
  •   What kind of water management system is needed?
  •   What is the total project budget?

Based on the answer to these questions, you can then decide if the splash pad is feasible or not.

Stage 3: Obtain Stakeholder Input

Gathering community feedback to measure how well your splash pad plans align with the needs, wants, and priorities of the community is key. The success of your aquatic play project heavily depends on this feedback. So, do your research and leave the guesswork out of planning!

Here are some things to consider:

  •   Is the splash pad targeted to a specific age group?
  •   What does the community want? A zero-depth aquatic play pad or an aquatic play pool with waterslides?
  •   How will the splash pad impact its surroundings?
  •   Is there a community/local theme that will be carried into the aquatic play space?

Stage 4 & 5: Aquatic Project Drawings

Prepare aquatic project drawings to create a visual representation of all of the required components for your splash pad. 

Your drawings should clearly illustrate and define:

  • The overall layout of the splash pad
  • The spray radius and flow rates for each feature
  • The piping schematics

These precise details of the project drawings help to streamline the planning, development, and manufacturing process and can reduce the risks associated.

Stage 6: Obtain Permits & Approvals

Have a chat with your local health authority to understand the specialized health code regulations for splash pads. This will save you time and money when applying for permits and allow for a shortened approval process. It’s also crucial to identify the necessary city or state building permits that will be required for the installation phase of your aquatic project.

Stage 7 & 8: Public Tender & Award System

In some cases, the equipment and services needed for an aquatic project will be contracted through a competitive bidding process, whereby a request for proposal is extended to potential suppliers and aquatics manufacturers. Through this procurement process, the contract is awarded to the most preferable proposal. 

Stage 9: Manufacturing & Construction Process

Now that you’ve thoroughly planned, analyzed, and signed off on all matters related to your aquatic play project. The big day is here and it’s time to break ground on your splash pad!

Stage 10: Opening Day!

It’s been a long journey and opening day has finally arrived! Community members and children of all ages are bursting with excitement and curiosity to see what will happen when the water turns on. With one press of the activator button, the fun and games begin!

Your aquatic play project is a great success and will be enjoyed by all!

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