Spring cleaning bathroom | Pittsburgh

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

It’s the time of year to freshen up the house, inside and out. While going through closets and other rooms may be more appealing, you can’t forget your bathroom this time of year!

Safety First, Then Declutter

If you’ll be using cleaners in this process, make sure the bathroom is well ventilated. Open a window and keep the door open. Even those cleaners marked “non-toxic” are not good for you in a closed room. You’ll also be moving around a lot of dust, so make sure you have some air flow.

Decluttering is also a must before cleaning. Towels, washcloths, beauty appliances and other things should be picked up and put away before you get started. You don’t want to be stopping to move things out of the way every few minutes once you’re on a roll! It’s also a good time to decide if any of these need to be replaced. Do you have towels with so many holes you’re not even sure you should bother? This is the time to throw them out!

Don’t Forget the Plumbing!

After a cold winter, you want to make sure your pipes get checked out. Check for leaks, damage or anything unusual. You can also call us to handle that part for you! Clean out the traps under your sink. Use a bacterial drain killer to clean up the season’s worth of grime. If you’ve got a drain that clogs frequently, this is a good time to be proactive and snake it. You want to be cleaning and taking care even where you can’t see!

Tackle the Hard Stuff

Time to tackle the toilet, the shower, the sink and any other places that usually require some extra attention. In addition to making your home look cleaner, you’re helping prevent mold, mildew and other harmful things from gathering in your bathroom.

Once that’s done, you can focus on cleaning mirrors, wiping walls and cabinets and cleaning up the floor of the bathroom. It’s best to work from top to bottom. You don’t want months worth of dust from the top of your linen closet to come tumbling down onto a freshly cleaned floor.

Super Terry Can Handle the Plumbing!

If you’d rather focus on simpler acts of cleaning, give Super Terry a call to handle your pipes and other plumbing needs!