Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Nothing can turn heads quite like a beautiful lawn, so do what’s right and give your lawn the hydration it needs to thrive all year. Sprinkler systems will keep your lawn looking great while conserving water, but they do require attention. Here are some tips from Super Terry on what you should be aware of when purchasing and maintaining your sprinkler system. 

Keeping Up With Sprinkler System Maintenance

If you’re looking to purchase a sprinkler system or you already own one, you need to meticulously maintain it, so that it continues to help save you money in the long run. Here are a few tips to keep your water sprinkler system working its best!

  • Know how long it takes to water an inch of grass – A healthy lawn needs one inch of water per week at minimum. Typically, an efficient water system can deliver 1 inch of water in 15 minutes. If you notice your system taking longer than normal to water your lawn or over watering it, it may be time for a maintenance check.
  • Adjust your watering schedule based on the season – Each season is different. In the spring, your lawn doesn’t need the same amount of water as it needs in the summer, just like your lawn doesn’t need the same amount of water in the winter as it does in the spring. Readjusting your system to deliver more or less water as the season’s change will not only save you money, but will also decrease the amount of wear and tear on your system.
  • Regularly inspect your entire system for leaks, broken lines or misdirected sprinkler heads – If one area of your lawn is underwater and the other end of your lawn is completely dry, you’re wasting water and your money. Investigate your sprinklers to see which one is causing the problem and be sure to remedy it immediately.
  • Install a rain or freeze sensor – When it starts to rain or temperatures fall below freezing, this sensor works to shut off your irrigation system to avoid wasting water and freezing lines. 
  • Repair or replace damaged and clogged sprinkler heads – A monthly inspection of your sprinkler system allows you to find and replace any sprinkler heads that may be damaged, broken or in need of a cleaning. If not done, this can lead to under watering of certain areas, while others are over watered.
  • Hire a technician to audit your system – A technician who is certified to inspect your irrigation system should check your system 1-2 times during a year to make sure everything is in working order. More costly plumbing problems can be avoided through proper maintenance and service. Our technicians are ready and willing to answer any plumbing concerns you may have. 

Call Super Terry for your Maintenance Checks!

If you’re having issues with your water sprinkler, rest assured that Super Terry will perform a detailed analysis on your irrigation system to make sure that everything will remain working at 100%. If you are in the market for sprinkler system maintenance, give Terry’s Plumbing a call today!