Sump Pump Is Making A Loud Noise

Silence A Sump Pump That Is Making a Loud Noise

Is your sump pump making a loud noise, and you don’t know how to stop it? If so, you might also wonder why it’s making such a racket. Learn the different reasons why your pumping equipment makes so much noise, and find a way to fix the issue.  

Types of Noises and How to Fix Them

Every type of noise has a different cause. Therefore, you need a different repair method for each associated sound:

  • When you hear excess vibration: This usually happens when the discharge pipe makes contact with the pump basin. It also might occur when the pipe hits a nearby wall. It also could happen if the pipe has direct contact with the floor.

The Solution: Wrap the pipe where it meets the floor, wall or basin with foam insulation. You could also line the sump pump cover with rubber grommets. It takes away the rattling resulting from vibration. If your pipe has too many joints, twists and turns, you might instead want to reroute and replace it to stop future noises.

  • If you have a noisy motor: Your pump and pipes might need lubrication. You also might want to upgrade to cast iron because plastic or PVC causes the most noise.

The Solution: Lubricate it or replace it with a new, less-noisy model. Otherwise, try installing a submerged pump that stays below the basin top. It also helps if you have a cover you can place over it. This helps keep the motor sound muffled instead of allowing the noise to resonate throughout the room.

  • When you hear clanging: Use similar fixes as you would for reducing vibration. You want to make sure your sump pump pipes make no contact with the area around it – not the wall, floor or basin.

The Solution: Use rubber or waterproof foam material to cover the sections that make contact with one another. You also might want to reroute your pipes if they have too many joints in them. Furthermore, replace any rusted piping.

  • When there’s gurgling noises: This noise usually happens when water moves back down the discharge pipe after a pump cycle. Standard pumps usually experience this problem the most.

The Solution: You can upgrade your standard valve with a spring valve. This type reduces gurgling because it allows water to flow more evenly through the plumbing. You also could adjust the pump switch to prevent the water from emptying completely out of the basin.

  • What about slurping noises? If you pump dries out, it causes a sound similar to the one someone makes when trying to suck liquid through a straw.

The Solution: Set your sump pump so it always has a few inches of water in it. Also, if your valves need replacing, do it as soon as possible to prevent further problems. If you maintain your unit, the slurping should stop.

Inspection Advice

It’s wise to check your system once in a while. Test it after you first installed it to make sure it works properly. Review the instructions that came with it if you still have them, or look up the manual for your unit.

You also might need to occasionally clean out the pipelines connected to your sump pump. It also would help to have a professional inspect it at least once a year.

One thought on “Silence A Sump Pump That Is Making a Loud Noise”

  1. Greg Reed says:

    Thanks, but these don’t specifically address my situation. Although insulation seems like a good idea to address many issues.

    My question is, I replaced the sump pump with Zoeller M63 and new quiet check valve. when it starts i hear a noise…nothing when it stops. There is no piping touching the sump cover and the the piping is not touching the wall (maybe on exit through wall).

    Do you know what i can look for to address the situation or quiet the start of the pumping process?
    A sincere thanks for your help- Greg

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