How to Disaster-Proof your Home | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

How to Disaster-Proof your Home

Sure, cleaning your gutters or installing a French drain may not seem like heroic tasks, but when mother nature is doing her worst, those tasks are your home’s armor. So, suit up and get ready to prepare your home for disasters like water damage, power outages, and fires.

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Home Buying: Is Your Potential Home a Flood Risk? | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

Home Buying: Is Your Potential Home a Flood Risk?

You’ve found the perfect home–beautiful kitchen, the right number of bathrooms, and a big, beautiful fenced in yard. And then someone mentions a case of flooding in the area. You start to wonder, could my dream home be at risk for flood damage? The fact is home buyers need to pay attention to their flood risk and the need for flood control. Which is why in this article we give you pointers on how to assess a home’s flood risk and who to ask for more information.

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What is a French Drain and How Does it Work Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

What is a French Drain and How Does it Work?

Are you seeking out a solution to prevent your yard from flooding? This blog breaks down French drains and how they work to save your property.

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Sandbags Outside Front Door Of Flooded House

What To Do After A Flood

Indoor floods are often caused by plumbing problems. Broken pipes, a broken water heater, frozen pipes and sewer backups can lead to a flooded home, causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. Knowing which steps to take when a flood occurs can help you get your house back up and running after an indoor plumbing disaster. Shut Off The Water The first thing most homeowners need to do after they realize that their home is flooding is to turn off the source of the water. Most plumbing fixtures have a water shut off valve nearby that can be used to […]

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