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How to Tell if Your Septic System is Leaking

Septic troubles stink…literally. And they might creep up on you unexpectedly. However, there are a few simple ways to detect trouble. Learn how to tell if your septic system is leaking.

Signs that Your Septic System is Leaking

Septic leaks happen for numerous reasons, including overusing cleaning products, pipe problems and/or insufficient system maintenance, but signs of trouble are frequently visible, too. If something in your yard just doesn’t seem right, there may be more to the story. You may have a septic tank or line leak if: 

Your Grass is Unusually Green

One telltale sign of septic trouble is vibrant, green grass, especially if other vegetation has died off. This means your septic tank is probably leaking or the lateral lines are receiving excessive wastewater from the tank and are essentially overwatering the yard. 

You Notice Foul Odors on Your Property

No gases are particularly pleasant, especially sewer gas. If you smell sewer gas in your yard, check to make sure your system lids are secure (i.e. lid to the filter access port or septic tank riser lid) and that the septic tank is not cracked. 

The Lawn Has Substantial Puddles

Septic systems aren’t perfect. If your lawn around the tank has become swampy, there’s a fair chance that septic tank water is rising to the surface and settling in your soil. Rule out sprinkler issues before trying to deal with the septic system.

Various signs point to septic trouble, which is easier to deal with early. Try to become familiar with what’s normal on your property. If something seems out of place, it probably is. Luckily, if a problem does arise, there are ways to deal with them. 

Trust Terry’s if Your Septic System is Leaking

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