The Dangers of Plumbing

The Dangers of Plumbing

When you think of dangerous jobs, most people think of soldiers, firefighters, and police officers. While you may scoff, even working in an office where you sit at a desk for eight hours carries potential dangers. However, plumbers are no exception to danger and encounter many risks while on the job every day that put their health and lives on the line. In this blog, we cover a couple of those risks in detail. Keep on reading for more!

Natural Gas 

Leaks and damaged gas lines can cause natural gas to mix with oxygen. Excessive amounts of inhalation could cause plumbers to be poisoned and could even result in death. Also, anytime a plumber works with gas, it increases the chances of a possible explosion.

Temperature and Pressure

The temperature/pressure valve on a water heater ensures the unit properly maintains a safe temperature and pressure. If this valve is faulty, thermal expansion could cause the water heater to explode. Second, high temperature and pressure can be incredibly dangerous! High pressure in your home can cause your plumbing system to break and pipes to burst. High temperatures can cause scalding and burns.

Sewer Gas

You may not realize that waste is toxic. But, sewer gas has the potential to cause harm to you or others in your own home. Sewer gasses originate from the decay of household and commercial waste, and contain methane as well as carbon dioxide. These sewer gasses can enter your residence through a faulty floor drain or a leak/block in a plumbing vent. Potential dangers include, but are not limited to poisoning, asphyxiation, and explosion or fire.

Heavy Equipment

Toilets, water heaters, and water softeners are heavy. If you don’t have proper training and protection to lift these large items you could pull/strain a muscle or drop the item on yourself causing permanent damage. 

Electrical Systems

There are quite a few electrical components related to various plumbing systems. Most water softeners and irrigation systems are computerized, requiring advanced electrical training to be able to repair these costly systems safely. Plumbers that work with electricity are constantly in danger of being electrocuted.

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