The Easiest ways to Make a Smaller Bathroom Appear Larger 

The Easiest ways to Make a Smaller Bathroom Appear Larger 

Struggling with how to make a small bathroom look bigger while also making the best use of your current space? We understand how tricky this can be, and we’ve also got plenty of solutions that can help you with this common problem.

Only some bathrooms can accommodate a double shower, freestanding soaker tub, or dual vanities. But every bathroom can maximize its current space, especially when you use strategic tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger – and feel bigger, too. Here’s where to start.

Tip #1: Use Light and Neutral Colors

Use neutral colors in light hues throughout the space to make your bathroom feel more open and airy. Better yet, use one color for the walls, floors, and ceiling, then a slightly contrasting shade in the same color family for flooring materials and all other surfaces to trick the eye into seeing a bigger space than what’s really there. Opting for cooler colors can further this illusion, making it seem like the walls are actually receding from the eye.

Tip #2: Let There Be Light

Let in as much natural light as possible to open up the space and provide character. The best way to do this is to forego window coverings, but if you need them for privacy, then choose sheer window treatments or large slat blinds in the same color as the walls. You can further maximize light by installing an oversize mirror or set of mirrors to produce extra sparkle, or even an electric lighted mirror.

Other ways light can be used to help you succeed in making a small bathroom look bigger is by using clear glass enclosures in spaces like the shower to keep sunlight filtering throughout the room, as well as using recessed lighting in the ceilings to create a feeling of increased vertical space.

Tip #3: Highlight Key Areas

While we’re on the subject of light, accent lighting can (and should!) be used to guide the eye throughout the room and highlight features that make the space seem larger.

Place shelves in the room’s corners and light them with track lighting or LED light strips. Casting light in corners and crevices brings attention to details that otherwise go unnoticed and helps create a vertical path of vision for people to follow. When you look up and down versus horizontally, rooms appear to be a lot more spacious than they actually are. Wall sconces, overhead lights, hanging pendants, and lamps installed higher in the room will also push vision upward and elongate vertical space.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Fixtures

Maximize the appearance and functionality of floor space with wall-mounted fixtures like toilets, vanities, and sinks. You should also consider using smaller fixtures in order to provide more space to move around, as well as pedestal sinks instead of a vanity, since pedestals generally take up half the space.

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These and other design decisions are all simple but effective tricks to make a small bathroom look bigger. Ready for a fresh new bathroom?  Contact us today for additional design and plumbing support–we can help you easily make the most of your current space.