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Three Kinds of Proactive Plumbing

Nobody likes to waste money. Likewise, we don’t enjoy wasting time. But sometimes, we end up doing both, albeit unintentionally. Preventative maintenance with your plumbing can help conserve time AND money. You know that the longer you let the problem go, the bigger it’ll become. What started as a slow leak near the washer a couple of weeks ago could turn into a flooded basement months later on Christmas morning…and high fee emergency plumber visit! These tips for proactive plumbing will help you to avoid that scenario.

Stop the Drips

A leaky tap can seem merely annoying but contributes to big cost in the long run. One leaking faucet can waste up to 15 gallons of water a day, which can be an estimated $100 more dollars on your yearly water bill. Make sure you turn it all the way off after use. If it’s still leaking, consider upgrading to a new faucet or calling us at Terry’s Plumbing to schedule a repair. It’s much more efficient to fix a problem before it becomes a disaster.

Slow the Flow

Upgrading to low flow plumbing fixtures can make a big difference on your water savings, as well as help to prevent future problems. New shower heads typically disperse two and a half gallons per minute, while older ones can use up to five gallons of water per minute. In just a 10-minute shower, that could save up to 25 gallons of water! When it comes to toilets, an older one could use up to seven gallons of water per flush, whereas newly-made toilets use less than two. Better still, these newer models are improved from the original low flows you may have heard complaints about.

Check Your Drains

The main source of plumbing calls (and one of the most overlooked forms of maintenance) is clogged drains. We tend to ignore a slow drain in hopes that it goes away on its own. It only gets worse! Anything we do makes it worse. Hair in the bathroom, bacon grease in the kitchen…we put all kinds of bad things down our drains! One easy step to help prevent clogs is to pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down the drains monthly. This can help to flush out any build up and prevent clogs.

Reach Out to Terry’s Plumbing for Proactive Plumbing Advice and Repairs

We’d love to help you practice proactive plumbing by making minor repairs or replacing outdated fixtures. And we are always available if disaster strikes! If you need plumbing help in the Pittsburgh area, count on Super Terry!