Tips to Decrease Your Water Bill This Summer

Most companies send their utility bills electronically these days. So, there’s no need to dread heading to the mailbox to see if your kids racked up your water bill for the second month in a row. Now you just have to close your eyes when you log into your account. The summer can be a tough time for water usage. Just think about it: whether you have a pool, or the kids are home for the summer and  everyone is taking more showers because it’s so hot, the water bill can take a significant hike during the dog days of summer.

Make sure you don’t have any leaks

We’ve talked a lot about how letting a leaky faucet or a running toilet go for too long can really make your water bill jump. It’s just as important in the summer. So, if you have a leaky faucet, fix it. If your toilet is running, fix it. Everyone in the house will thank you. Better yet, your wallet will thank you.

Tell your kids to chill with the hose

Don’t take this heading literally, or it will cost you. However, figuratively it just means to tell your kids the hose isn’t a toy. Nope. The days of drinking from a garden hose are pretty much over, but it’s  easy to turn the water on and chase your friends around with the hose. If your kids like to do this, and you don’t mind, great! However, the more water-related activities you have, the higher the water bill will be.

Watch how you’re using your dishwasher

You probably don’t think about it if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, but it’s important to only run it when it’s full. This becomes even more important if you’re hand washing your dishes. Rinse the dishes, wash the dishes, rinse the dishes. There’s no need to keep the dishwasher running for 20 minutes when you’re cleaning up after dinner.

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