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Tips for Replacing Your Water Heater in Pittsburgh

If you’ve ever gone to take a shower and gotten nothing but cold water, you know how miserable it can be living without a properly working hot water heater. Although you might never think about its function within your house, a hot water heater is what allows you to cook, clean your home and even clean yourself. When it breaks down, it can be devastating. However, before you despair, make sure you read through these tips for replacing your hot water heater with a new model:

Determine if you should repair or replace it first.

Before you totally get rid of your water heater, make sure that it doesn’t simply need to be repaired. Some water heaters may have faulty thermostats or other ancillary issues that don’t have so much to do with the actual hot water. Therefore, hot water heaters that have stopped being so – well, hot, might be able to be fixed. This could save you the time and expense of replacing the entire thing. Plus, if you’re able to simply repair it, you might find that it functions better than it has in a long time, and could provide you with hot water for a long time to come.

Make sure you’re following building codes.

If you do decide to dispense of your old water heater and get a new one, make sure you’re following any building codes and other laws that you might have to obey. For example, you often can’t dispose of your old hot water heater just anywhere. You’ll need to find the proper way to get rid of it. You should also make sure you’re putting the new unit in a place that’s appropriate, if you’re choosing to move the location of the hot water heater.

Choose an energy-efficient replacement.

When you’re choosing a replacement, you may wish to consider an energy-efficient unit. This heaters can create hot water while using less energy. There are “on-demand” hot water heaters, that only create hot water when you need it, or even more efficient tank models. No matter which way you go, choosing an energy efficient hot water heater can help you save money and the environment.

Work with a professional Pittsburgh plumber.

If you’re confused about choosing a new unit, getting rid of your old one or how to install your new hot water heater, make sure you’re working with a professional plumber. Plumbers in Pittsburgh can help you make these choices, as well as perform the actual labor behind changing your hot water heater. Even if you know a lot about plumbing, bringing in a Pittsburgh plumber to help you could be a smart move that winds up saving you time and even money in the long run.

Make sure you maintain your heater.

Water heaters actually require maintenance to stay fully function for years. Did you know that you should drain your hot water heater once or twice a year to make sure it stays clear of sediment? If you’re performing water heater maintenance, you may find that your unit lasts a lot longer. Plus, if you’re taking care of it properly, you may notice other issues before they become a real problem.

Summer can be a great time to replace your hot water heater. Since you may not need as much hot water, this could be your ideal time to make a switch. Give us a call if you need help fixing or replacing your hot water heater.

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