Tips for Making Sure your Tap Water is Safe to Drink

Whether you have a well or you’re on city water, it’s important to make sure you’re using some sort of water filtration system to ensure the water coming out of your faucet is safe to drink. Tap water is great. It’s cost effective, environment friendly, and it means you don’t have to lug those heavy cases of water from your car into your house. Who would’ve thought 35 bottles of water would be so heavy?

Water Filtration Options

There are numerous water filtration options  ranging in price and functionality. You can buy a whole house water filter if you really want to spend some money on it. Or, you can just buy an attachment for your faucet or simple pitcher. Regardless of what option you choose, any water filtration system is better than no water filtration system.

If you’re really serious about having filtered water everywhere in your house, then the whole house water filter is the way to go. Especially if you’re not worried about the water coming out of your showerhead or bathroom sink, then you’re good just sticking with an attachment or a filtered pitcher.

It’s Easy on the Environment

The environment can use all the friends it can get right now. Plastic water bottles aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. Never were. If they were, we wouldn’t have so many people pushing for aluminum reusable water containers. Long story short, drinking tap water will save you money, and you can just keep refilling your favorite water bottle.

Some Unique Water Filtration Options

There are more options than just your standard Brita pitcher or a faucet attachment. Some quick research showed there are some pretty unique types of water filtration systems. There’s a charcoal water filter for any pitcher that helps remove carbon from tap water. There also numerous options for reverse osmosis water filtration to remove fluoride. Here’s a complete list of some of those unique water filtration options.

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