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Avoid These Toilet Paper Alternatives

We are now living during a time when toilet paper is about as valuable as gold. (Probably not as valuable, but you get what we’re saying.) When there is a panic, for whatever reason, toilet paper is among the first to fly off of store shelves. With the toilet paper shortage earlier this year, there have been several articles about the best alternatives. However, we want to be original, so we’re going to share a toilet paper alternative (or three) you should avoid.

Toilet Paper Alternative #1: Disinfectant Wipes

There are an abundance of reasons to use disinfectant wipes. Maybe you spilled something, your kids made a mess or your kitchen is just dirty (clean up!). However, these reasons do not extend to your behind. Disinfectant wipes have chemicals, including alcohol. Also, don’t use alcohol to clean down there! It can irritate your skin.

Toilet Paper Alternative #2: Scented Toilet Paper

Maybe you have gone to the store and seen that your usual toilet paper pick is, well, picked over. Then you see it—scented toilet paper. Why haven’t you thought about this before?! It just makes sense! Usually going to the bathroom is a bit of a smelly task, so why not combat that with a fresh, lavender scented behind?

We’ll tell you why.

Scented toilet paper might have a pretty smell, but that is coming from additional chemicals. This is a big, fat “no” for your poor toilet, which, let’s be honest, takes enough of your, well… If you have a septic system, these chemicals can prove harmful to it. Plus, the chemicals are basically a nightmare for the balance of microorganisms within the system. 

Toilet Paper Alternative #3: Printer or Notebook Paper

This should honestly be self-explanatory, but no question is a stupid question, so let’s dive in. First of all, why would you want to use printer or notebook paper? It’s rough and unpleasant. Also, think about the edges! Paper cuts are unpleasant anywhere. Could you imagine…? Actually, don’t. That’s too much to bear. Also, it’s not good for plumbing!

Call Super Terry for Bathroom Emergencies

If you’ve used any of the above “alternatives” during the Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020, we won’t judge you, promise. But if they are causing issues with your plumbing, please give Super Terry a call!