Useful Washing Machine Tips

Your washer probably seems like a basic machine requiring little or no special knowledge for proper operation. In many ways, this is true. However, knowing a few special tricks and tips will help you get better results and can even help lengthen the service life of your appliance. Below are some of the most useful and practical tips to help you get the most out of your clothes washer.

Avoid Overloading Your Machine

Even large capacity washing machines have their limits. Cramming one last shirt or pair of jeans into your washer can result in reduced efficiency from your washer. In addition, your clothes may get less clean.

Check out your washing machine’s users guide for load sizes, and avoid exceeding the manufacturer recommendations. Teach your kids to do the same. Many teenagers who use the washer are likely to wash with larger loads to cut corners and spend less time washing their clothes.

Use the Right Detergent for Your Machine

High efficiency machines require special high efficiency detergent in order to function properly. Regular laundry detergent produces too many bubbles and may cause maintenance problems in your washing machine over time. To avoid problems, look for the “HE” label on detergents if your washer is a high efficiency machine.

Measure Detergent Amounts

Eyeballing it when pouring detergent into your washing machine may result in too much soap or too little soap. Your clothes may get less clean, or your washer may be damaged, depending on the amount of soap that you use. Use the measuring device provided with the detergent. This will take the guess work out of loading the washer, resulting in reliably clean clothes.

Clean Your Machine Regularly

Cleaning your machine can help rid your washer of mildew and soap buildup, keeping the appliance smelling fresh and producing clean loads of clothes. To clean your washing machine, run a load of hot water and a cup of bleach through the machine (without clothes). Newer models will have a self-cleaning option, so check out your machine’s features before cleaning. Do this once a month or so for best results.

Prevent Fading

Clothes will fade over time if they’re not protected when you run them through the wash. Turn your darks inside out when putting them through the washer to prevent fading and keeping your clothes looking like new. Some sources will also recommend using a teaspoon of salt to prevent dark clothes from fading. Be careful with this method. Salt can be corrosive and may cause your washer to deteriorate with time. Using this salt occasionally may be acceptable (provided that the washer’s drum is not rusting already), but avoid using salt for every load of laundry.

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