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What is a Plumbing Vent?

Having plumbing problems you can’t explain? The answer could lie in your plumbing vent. Continue reading below for more information on how this crucial piece of your indoor plumbing system works and how you can properly maintain it. 

What exactly is a plumbing vent?

In the same way that a drain pipe removes water and waste from your home, a plumbing vent removes gases and odors. These vents help to regulate the air pressure within your plumbing system by allowing fresh air to flow throughout your pipes. The fresh air  helps water to flow more smoothly through your pipes though no water actually flows through the plumbing vent. Instead, the plumbing vent is a vertical pipe which connects to the roof of your home. The vent’s position easily releases unwanted gases and helps control the atmospheric pressure of your in-home waste system. 

Why are plumbing vents important?

Plumbing vents are essential to prevent sewage gases from entering your home. They eliminate unwanted odors by releasing them through the opening in your roof. Your plumbing vent works alongside your drainage pipes to efficiently remove water and waste from your home. 

Potential issues with plumbing vents

Because they work alongside each other, if your plumbing vent isn’t working neither will your drainage system. When plumbing vents become blocked or clogged, the result can be negative pressure buildup. This can reverse or interrupt water flow. Ongoing blockages can result in residue buildup in your pipes which can eventually end in a pricey pipe repair or replacement.

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