What is Dye Testing?

If you’re a homeowner in Pittsburgh, you’ve probably had some experience with a plumbing dye test. If you’re just now thinking about buying your first home in Pittsburgh, you may not be familiar with the dye test yet. The dye test is an escapable part of selling a home in Pittsburgh. Without a dye test, you cannot sell your home within the city limits.

Homes In Pittsburgh May Be Connected to One of Two Types of Sewers

Within the boundaries of the City of Pittsburgh there are two types of sewers: sanitary and combined sewers. Sanitary sewers are designed to accept wastewater from home drains, but not rainwater from rain storms. Sanitary sewers can easily be overwhelmed by sudden floods of rainwater and water runoff from lawns and sprinklers. Combined sewers can accept wastewater from the home as well as water from lawn drains and other sources of water runoff.

Dye Testing Detects Whether Your Home Is Properly Connected to the Sewer

Dye testing is a test performed by a plumber. Dye testing determines whether or not your home’s yard drain is connected to a sanitary only sewer. To make this determination, a dye tablet is placed inside outdoor drains, then the drain is flushed with water. If the dye is found in the sanitary drain, then the property will fail the test.

Homeowners Get Dye Tests Before Selling

Before a homeowner can sell a property, he or she must produce certification to prove that the home is properly connected to the sewer. Properties that fail the dye test must have their home drainage system repaired before the house can be sold.

Homeowners who wish to sell their property in Pittsburgh must contact Pittsburgh Sewer and Water Authority (PSWA) to obtain an Evidence of Compliance Certificate. PSWA will determine whether or not the home is connected to a sanitary sewer or a combined sewer. If the home is connected to a sanitary sewer, the homeowner must contact a plumber to have a dye test performed. Once the property has passed the dye test, the homeowner will receive the Evidence of Compliance Certificate required in order to sell the property.

Cheating is a Bad Idea!

Some homeowners will try a variety of methods to fool the plumber for the dye test. Pouring bleach into the sewer will not fool the plumber and can even backfire.

Know What to Do If You Fail the Dye Test

If your home fails the dye test, the next step is to contact a plumber in the area who can make the necessary repairs to your home drainage system. Your plumber can hook up your home drainage system to your sewer so that it is legal and your house is ready to sell.

Contact Terry’s Plumbing for Your Dye Test Or Plumbing Repair

At Terry’s Plumbing we help homeowners get their dye testing done. We also help homeowners make repairs if their property fails the dye test. To make an appointment for dye testing or for plumbing sewer repair, contact Terry’s Plumbing at (412) 364-9114. We can help!