What Sets A Professional Plumber Apart from the Rest?

What Sets A Professional Plumber Apart from the Rest?

Some homeowners prefer to fix plumbing problems themselves or ask an amateur handyman to take a crack at the problem – rather than paying for a professional plumber. While hiring professional plumbing services may seem unnecessary to some, there’s a reason why plumbers are so important. Let’s talk about why you get what you pay for when it comes to plumbing — and why choosing a professional is always worth it!

Experience and Training 

Each plumber that works at a plumbing company has all of the training they need to work on your system, from clogged drains to leaking pipes. Like most tradesmen, plumbers have to spend years training alongside a master plumber before handling jobs on their own, which ensures they have the skills and experience needed to perform quality plumbing services. 

Between years of experience and their skills from training, a professional plumber can handle just about any plumbing problem you have by the time they work on your home. Without extensive training and experience, an amateur plumber or handyman may cause more damage instead of fixing the problem. 

Certified Professionals 

While a longtime handyman may have quite a bit of experience working on plumbing, nothing can replace the certifications and licensing required for a professional plumber to do their job. Any plumber of quality should be able to back up their knowledge with certifications — proof that they can do what you need them to.

Always ask a potential plumber whether they’re licensed or certified before you hire them. If you’re thinking about hiring an independent plumber that isn’t licensed or a plumbing company that doesn’t hire certified plumbers, you’re not paying for quality plumbing work.  

Tools and Safety 

One perk to hiring a professional plumber that many homeowners don’t think of is that they use the proper tools necessary to handle your plumbing issues. Only a certified plumber should operate tools like drain augers and hydro jets. A plumber will have access to a range of tools as well as the skills to operate them safely. This is especially important when it comes to safely working on gas lines, which are incredibly dangerous in unskilled hands. 

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