Why Is Soft Water Good For Your Hair And Skin?

Why Is Soft Water Good For Your Hair And Skin?

Has your hair lost its normal healthy sheen? Does your skin look and feel more dry? If you’ve noticed your hair and skin undergoing a negative transformation, it may be time to purchase a water softener. At Terry’s Plumbing, we have lots of experience when it comes to repairing and installing water softening devices, and we’re familiar with the benefits they can provide. Protecting you and your family from the negative effects of hard water is our specialty, which is why you can trust us to explain how soft water benefits your hair and skin.

Soft Water Benefits

There are many advantages to having soft water that should not be overlooked in regard to the health of your skin and hair.

  • Skin – Soft water is a lot less harsh on your skin compared to hard water, and it allows you to retain moisture more consistently. Hard water can clog your pores, but soft water allows soap to soak into your skin and work more effectively. Additionally, soft water is less irritating and doesn’t leave your skin red and raw after a shower.
  • Hair – When it comes to your hair, soft water can leave it feeling silky and smooth. It can enhance the look of your hair and reduce breakage and split ends, as well as enable you to use less shampoo and conditioner. Hard water strips your hair of the healthy oils that keep it looking shiny and healthy. 

Why Is It Vital To Have A Water Softener?

Wondering why most Pittsburgh residents buy water-softening devices? Pittsburgh and surrounding areas have a reputation for mineral-dense water. Calcium and magnesium build up quickly, endangering the health of your hair, skin and appliances. Hard water also allows soap scum and mineral deposits to accumulate swiftly, which in turn damages your clothes and decreases the longevity and efficiency of your household appliances.

Purchasing a water softener can help you save money on your energy bill and reduce the amount of harmful minerals in your home’s water, allowing you to avoid the negative impacts these minerals can bring.

Let Super Terry Help With Your Hard Water Issues

Don’t sit back and settle for hard water and the plumbing problems that come with it. Here at Terry’s Plumbing,  we’ve got your water softening preferences covered! From repairs and maintenance to installation appointments, you can count on us to take care of you and your plumbing needs. Are you ready to rid your home of hard water and reverse its effects on your skin and hair? Contact us through our website by scheduling an appointment, or give us a call today!