5 Simple Ways to Help You Love Your Bathroom

The average person spends about 7 hours a week in the bathroom. While that may not come close to the time you spend in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, it’s still pretty considerable. With so much of our precious time spent in the bathroom, don’t we deserve to actually enjoy the visit? Check out a few simple ways to help you improve your bathroom. But be careful. You might just spend a little more time in there. 

Invest in Bathroom Upgrades

Sometimes all you need to do to improve upon your space is give it a little facelift. We’re not talking about a full-on bathroom renovation (but call us when you’re ready for that), but a few simple projects you can tackle in an afternoon for not much money. Try swapping out your outdated taps and cabinet handles for a more contemporary look or finally replace your shower head to a new model. It’s amazing how quickly these simple switches can transform your space.

Another super easy way to upgrade your bathroom space is by investing in new, higher-quality linens and towels. It sounds silly, but let’s face it, that ratty bath towel you’ve had for years probably isn’t going to win any style awards. Bring in some super fluffy towels to make your bathroom look like a home spa. 

Include Personal Touches in Your Bathroom

Bathroom decor isn’t necessarily the highest priority when you’re adding personal touches to your home, but shouldn’t you carry your aesthetic into every room? As mentioned above, you’re spending about an hour a day in the bathroom, so take a little time to make it your own. 

When it comes to bathroom decor, less is definitely more. Chances are it’s one of the smaller rooms in your home, so avoid adding too many knick-knacks or pictures. Less is definitely more. Find a few pieces that help express your individuality and let them shine. The same thing goes for color palettes. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, opt for lighter tones to add some airyness. Darker colors will make the room look even smaller.   

Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

Ok, so everything in your medicine cabinet probably doesn’t “spark joy,” but you should probably hang onto some of it. But let’s be honest. Medicine cabinets are the definition of “out of sight, out of mind.” It’s so easy to just shove everything you don’t feel like looking at in there. While it’s a good shortcut when you’re tidying up, it’s probably a bit more confusing when you actually need things in there. 

Take the time to organize your medicine cabinet and get rid of all those empty pill bottles, dried-out makeup and whatever else is in there. Don’t stop at your medicine cabinet either. Isn’t it time to ditch those old, water-stained magazines or finally reorganize your linens? Decluttering and cleaning your bathroom helps create a much more tranquil space you won’t feel so anxious about spending time in. 

Bring in a Little Greenery

Do a quick google search and you’ll find plenty of articles that speak to the power plants have to help our moods and calm us down. Why not carry this into your bathroom, too? Aside from the visual appeal of a few well-placed pots, plants also help circulate oxygen that can help you feel more relaxed.

So, what plants work best in the bathroom? A lot of that depends on the amount of sunlight your bathroom gets, but another factor people often overlook is humidity. Even in winter, your bathroom gets pretty steamy. You need plants that can handle that. Air plants are a great, low-maintenance choice because they don’t require soil and get most of their water through moisture in the air. 

Check out some other great options here

Freshen Up Your Bathroom’s Smell

There’s no getting around it, smell is often an issue in the bathroom. There’s the obvious culprit, but other smells like mildew can make your space less than inviting. You’ve probably tried the obvious solutions: aerosol spray, air fresheners or just lighting a match. These are perfectly fine ways to cover up unwanted smells, but what about a scent that actually invites you into the room?

That’s right, we want you to be more proactive with your bathroom scents. Essential oil diffusers are a great way for you to enhance the vibe in your bathroom—and there’s a scent for pretty much everyone’s style and can help you turn your space into your own home spa

If oils or candles aren’t your thing, and you just want your bathroom to smell better, there’s a simple DIY solution that’s perfect. Simply fill a glass vase with white vinegar and leave it on a flat surface. The vinegar will absorb odors, leaving your bathroom smelling fresher in no time!

Let Super Terry Help You Really Love Your Bathroom

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