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Bugs that Live in your Pipes

There’s nothing creepier than encountering a surprise guest in your shower. That’s exactly what can happen though, if you have bugs that live in your pipes.

Why Do I have Bugs in my Pipes?

Can bugs survive in your pipes? Absolutely! Want to know something even more unsettling? Your pipes are the perfect breeding grounds for those bugs to multiply. The main reason you could be seeing bugs crawl out of your pipes is moisture. Bugs love moisture and are attracted to any damp, dark area that may exist. The best-case scenario for a bug is a location that has moisture, and food. With organic matter such as hair, toothpaste, food and waste going down your drains daily, bugs are sure to love it. With those two things setting up camp is easy but, getting them to leave is twice as hard.

Common Pipe Bugs

  1. Drain Flies – These flies aren’t dangerous and are commonly seen flying in and out of your sinks and bathtubs. They are small, black in color and have very long antenna. Not only are these pests hard to squish, but their buzzing is annoying as well. They end up multiplying in your home because their larvae feed off the gunk buildup in your pipes. Once they are big enough, they then fly up and out of the drain in search of another location to lay new eggs.
  2. House Centipedes – Also known as thousand leggers, these centipedes are the only kind you will ever find in your home. Typically, these creepy crawlers like to hang out in basements, attics or other undisturbed areas of your home. However, if those places aren’t moist enough for them they can migrate to your kitchen and bathroom. They enter homes through small cracks and openings–the rule of thumb being: if you can slip a piece of paper into a crack they can fit their bodies through it. Once they are inside, they reproduce like crazy and can quickly create an infestation.
  3. Cockroaches – A discussion on bugs wouldn’t be complete without mentioning roaches! Roaches don’t breed in drains, but they do love living in them. Drains and pipes are always dark, moist and secluded–talk about some cozy real estate. These pests also feed on the organic matter that flows through or gets backed up in your pipes. Most pest control experts say that roaches that end up inside your homes use drains as their main point of entry.

Bug Prevention

Preventing these pests from creeping into your home is easy. All you have to do is create the least ideal environment for their survival. Try out the following tips:

  • Reduce Moisture – Moisture is a bug’s best friend! It is the main thing that draws them in and makes them want to stay. Try using a dehumidifier or ceiling fan vents as much as possible during and after your shower or bath.
  • Seal openings – Seal up all those cracks and crevices–especially around doors and windows. Also be sure to fix any window screens that may have holes. Don’t give bugs the opportunity to come in or they may not ever leave!
  • Fix drain/plumbing issues – This is a big one, always make sure your system is working properly. Drain and plumbing issues can aid in creating a bug’s ideal living environment. So always take note and pay attention to your plumbing in case it needs extra attention.
  • Clean regularly – Once bugs find their way into your kitchen or bathroom, easy access to food is what makes them stay. Be sure to clean on a regular basis and dispose of food properly so that critters won’t want to stick around.

Need Help Cleaning?

Super Terry can help clean and unclog your pipes so unwanted residents won’t move in! Be proactive and call Terry’s Plumbing today.