How a Sewer Camera Inspection Works | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

How a Sewer Camera Inspection Works

If you’ve done any research on sewer line problems, you’ve probably seen something about “sewer cameras” or “video pipe inspections.” Plumbers use this technique when diagnosing backups or damage, so it’s wise for homeowners to know what sewer camera inspections are and what they’re used for should a problem ever arise. Lucky for you, this is exactly what we cover in this blog!

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Why is there Sewage in your Bathtub? | Pittsburgh | Terry's plumbing

Why is there Sewage in your Bathtub?

If you’ve been looking forward to a nice, relaxing hot shower or bath after a long day of work, the last thing you want to see is sewage backing up in your bathtub. Not only is it gross, it means that there’s something wrong with your plumbing. In this blog we cover why it happens and what you can do to fix it.

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What snow blower is best for you | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

What Snow Blower is Best for You?

Around this time of year when shoveling snow becomes a chore, it’s always tempting to buy a snow blower. Before you invest, take a minute to read our blog to learn about types of snow blowers and their key features.

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Bugs that live in your pipes | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

Bugs that Live in your Pipes

There’s nothing creepier than encountering a surprise guest in your shower. That’s exactly what can happen though, if you have bugs that live in your pipes.

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How to Tell if Your Sewer Line is Clogged

You might think this is a pretty straightforward question. If water is backing up somewhere in your home, the sewer line is probably clogged. While that’s true, there are other ways to diagnose and isolate where the problem is coming from. Specifically, is it just a drain pipe in your kitchen or bathroom that’s clogged, or is the problem with your main sewer line? Recognize the Early Warning Signs The longer you let a problem like a clogged sewer line go, the more expensive and time consuming the repair could be. Furthermore, when left untreated you could potentially expose your […]

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How Replacing Your Sewer System Can Save You Money

Old sewers cost homeowners a lot of money. Blockages in old sewers can necessitate expensive sewer repairs, while cleanup costs can add to the bill. Many homeowners with sewer trouble spend thousands of dollars in a single year to repair and maintain their sewer line. For homeowners with newer, modern sewers, these problems do not typically occur. Homeowners who install a new sewer line can save money over time. What Causes Sewer Trouble? Sewer trouble can happen for many reasons. One of the most common reasons that sewer lines collapse is because of tree roots. Trees planted too close to […]

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Warning Signs of A Blocked Sewer Drain

A clogged sewer can be a serious problem. When the sewer line becomes slow or completely blocked, all household plumbing activity must stop. Toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs and washing machines are all impacted by a clogged sewer drain. Knowing the warning signs of a clog and what to do about it can help you return your house to proper working order. Causes of Sewer Clogs Tree roots are one of the main causes of sewer clogs. Over time, tree roots can cause the wall of the line to collapse, or may simply fill up the pipe with tiny roots, causing a […]

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Common Types of Sewer Problems

Sewer problems can take many forms. Taking care of your home’s sewer line is important for maintaining your property and ensuring good flow through your home’s drains. Knowing the different types of problems that your sewer line might face can help you avoid problems. Smell of Sewage In The House People naturally assume that if their house smells like sewage, this is a sign of a clog in the making. This is not the case. In fact, a sewage smell in the home is a common problem that can usually be fixed without a plumber. The sewage smell likely comes […]

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What Is A Sewer Inspection?

Your home’s sewers need care just like the other parts of your home. However, many homeowners don’t know much about their sewers or how to tell when they have sewer problems. These frequently asked questions are designed to clear the air about your sewers so you’ll know what a sewer inspection is and why you should get a sewer inspection. What is a sewer inspection? This is an inspection done by a camera attached to a snake line. The video camera records the state of the sewer, revealing any cracks, tree roots, collapsed lines, clogs and other problems inside the […]

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Get Rid Of Nasty Sewer Smell

Be Gone Nasty Sewer Smell!

Your home’s sewers are connected to your house through a system of drains and pipes. Usually these pipes have water inside them which creates a seal that prevents sewer gas from leaking into your home. However, sometimes sewer gas finds its way into the house through these pipes. If this happens, don’t panic. You may be able to fix the problem without incurring a big bill. Fill the P-Trap with Water P-traps are a type of pipe that have been cleverly named because the shape of the pipe resembles a letter P on its side. There may be many drains […]

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