Troubleshoot Plumbing Problems at Home | Super Terry | Pittsburgh

How to Troubleshoot Plumbing Problems at Home

Small undetected plumbing issues turn into financial disasters when they reach their breaking point. Here are some tips to troubleshoot plumbing problems at home to save your system and your wallet.

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Hard Water Damage | Terry's Plumbing | Pittsburgh

Can Hard Water Damage Your Plumbing?

Do your drains clog easily and frequently? Do they often accumulate unsightly residue? If yes, you could have a hard water issue.

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Woman cleaning up water from a burst pipe | Terry's Plumbing Pittsburgh

Damage from a Burst Pipe? Here’s What to Do

Winter comes with its own set of challenges. Among them is the danger of frozen pipes. When your pipes freeze, they can crack or burst, leaving you with a soggy mess and a good amount of damage. Yes, a burst pipe is no fun, but with the right know-how, you can mitigate the damage and move on. Here’s what you need to know and do if you’re dealing with damage from a burst pipe. 

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What to Do When Pipes Freeze | Terry's Plumbing

What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze

We often hear about the devastation that occurs when pipes burst in the wintertime. However, it can be avoided. If caught early enough, homeowners can take restorative steps to fix their piping. Here’s what to do when your pipes freeze.

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Causes of Low Water Pressure | Terry's Plumbing

Causes of Low Water Pressure

We’ve all been there. The sink practically dribbles while rinsing dishes or the shower just isn’t up to snuff. Low water pressure is a headache to contend with, especially when you have stuff to get done. So why does this even happen? We’ll look at some of the most common causes of low water pressure and how to fix each issue. 

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Protect Plumbing During Summer | Terry's Plumbing

Protect Your Plumbing During Summer Heat

Pipes might freeze in the winter, but they also crack and burst during the summertime. Let’s face it, between extensive water usage from hoses, pools and much more, we’re already asking a lot of our plumbing systems during this time of year. Summertime heat and humidity also combine to create a recipe for plumbing disasters. Let’s look at a few ways to protect plumbing during summer heat.  Clean the Air Conditioner Drains Is this an HVAC or plumbing problem? Both. Dirty air conditioner drains can have adverse health effects. While air conditioner drains are part of cooling systems, they’re essential […]

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Grease Clogs | Terry's Plumbing

Grease Clogs: Dealing with Pesky Drain Problems

Plumbing issues are always a headache. A major source of stress: drain clogs. From hair in the tub to toilet troubles, clogs happen frequently. But so many of them happen in the heart of the home–the kitchen. Why? Fat, oil and grease get into drain pipes from daily cooking and cleaning. Luckily, grease clogs are easy to detect and fix.

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Plumbing Pipe Materials and What They’re Used For

In any trade, the materials you use are important. Having the right material for the job assures the right outcome. When it comes to your plumbing and its pipes, materials are key. There are plenty of different materials making up your plumbing, each with a different purpose. PVC PVC, or Poly-Vinyl Chloride, is the workhorse of any plumbing system. Usually white or gray in color, this plastic piping comes in a variety of  diameters and lengths and is extremely easy to work with. It is simple to cut and fit, and it can withstand years of use. PVC is both […]

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How to Winterize Your Home’s Plumbing

When Old Man Winter is knocking at your door, and the north wind is biting at your nose, it is clearly NOT the time you want to have to figure out how to winterize your home’s plumbing. Frozen pipes can cause not only inconvenience, but actual damage as the ice forming inside them can cause leaks and breaks. Here’s a quick look at how to winterize your home’s plumbing to prevent these problems for a lower-stress winter. Steps to Winterize Your Home’s Plumbing Start with an assessment. Generally speaking, you should  be concerned about pipes found in crawl spaces, exterior […]

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Why your drains keep clogging

It’s a nightmare scenario. You have a drain that just won’t stop clogging. No matter how many times you pour Drano down there or plunge it, it always clogs. Whether it’s your toilet, your kitchen sink, a shower drain, or any other type of drain, you shouldn’t have to worry about unclogging it every time you use it. Period. How old is your house? This is the first question I would ask. If you have an older house, chances are, you have older pipes. Older pipes typically clog more easily. If you are indeed dealing with older pipes, you may […]

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