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Deep Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen For Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching and the winter holidays to follow, make sure your home is guest-ready. Focus on two of the most heavily-trafficked rooms in your home and deep clean your bathroom and kitchen with a few simple strategies. 

The Power of Everyday Products

While household cleaners are effective, they’re no match for the everyday products you already have. 

  • Vinegar – Good for more than just salad dressings and marinades, vinegar is the ultimate cleaning tool. In your kitchen, mix vinegar and water to mop the floor, and freshen your dishwasher by running an empty load with vinegar in place of detergent. In the bathroom, fill bags with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar, tie them over showerheads and faucets, and let sit overnight to remove mineral deposits.
  • Baking Soda – You can bake with it and tidy up your home with baking soda. In the bathroom, swap traditional toilet bowl cleaner with a cup of baking soda, wait a few minutes, scrub with the toilet brush and flush. Then, tackle the kitchen by sprinkling baking soda down the kitchen drain, flushing it with warm water to eliminate sink and garbage disposal odors. Refrigerator a little ripe, too? Open a fresh box of baking soda and store it on a shelf to absorb odors.
  • Bleach – Between laundry and cleaning the exterior of your home, bleach is pretty handy. But it’s also helpful for stubborn stains inside your home, like in the bathroom and kitchen. For bathroom tile, apply plain bleach to the grout to remove discoloration. Gently scrub with a grout brush and rinse. Does your kitchen backsplash need a little love, too? Using the same strategy in the kitchen will eliminate discoloration and grease. 

Don’t invest in expensive products. Make your home sparkle with these surprisingly simple cleaning tools.

Use the Washing Machine

Sometimes a spin in the wash is all you need to freshen common items. 

  • Shower Curtains – Interior plastic shower curtains can accumulate iron stains and mold, but you don’t have to throw them away. Toss the plastic curtains into the washing machine on the warm setting. For additional scrubbing action, toss in an old towel or two to provide friction. 
  • Drapes – The kitchen gets messy in all areas. To add to your polished holiday look, give your drapes a sprucing up. Simply add them to the washing machine and clean according to tag instructions. For exterior bathroom curtains, do the same. 
  • Towels – From drying your hands to shower duty, towels get a workout. Towels trap moisture and bacteria, especially when they hang on a hook. Prior to having house guests, clean your bathroom and kitchen towels and hang them on a bar when possible—allowing for faster drying after use. 

These fabric accents are just as important as surfaces to keep clean. For an extra kick, add baking soda here, too. 

Pay Attention to the Little Things

Minute details may be more important to you than to household visitors, but don’t overlook them. 

  • Wipe Away Gunk – Don’t clean your bathroom and kitchen halfway. Use household disinfectants or everyday products to wipe counters, sinks and cabinetry. Don’t forget surrounding items, either. Wipe appliances and decor, too—on, under and around each. 
  • Get Organized – Thanksgiving is a good opportunity to organize your home. Start by cleaning out your kitchen cabinets—tossing rarely-used containers and neatly stacking the remaining ones to use for leftovers. Similarly, organize utensils with drawer dividers. In the bathroom, organize the toiletries in the closet and fold towels for guest use. 

These extra touches will make an impression, and your home’s health will benefit from your attention to detail.

Terry’s Handles Holiday Plumbing Issues

With a few simple steps, it’s a piece of cake to deep clean your bathroom and kitchen. Complex issues require a special touch, though. When faced with a plumbing problem with guests on the way, turn to Terry’s Plumbing. Contact us 24/7 to solve your plumbing emergencies.