Does Tree Root Killer Work

Does Tree Root Killer Work?

During long, hot, dry summers, tree roots go searching for water in all the wrong places. Sewer pipes can be very attractive for thirsty trees because they provide everything necessary for survival: oxygen, nutrients and a plentiful source of water.

Unfortunately, tree roots can do irreparable damage to old clay pipes. At times like this, many homeowners search for the easiest and least expensive solution to the problem, and that leads many people to try tree root killer.

How it Works and What it Does

Tree root killer is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: it’s a chemical that kills tree roots. Different types of root killer work in different ways. Copper sulfate was a common root killer in the past, but is used less frequently now. Although it’s effective for killing tree roots, copper sulfate is reputed to be bad for pipes, and can also kill helpful bacteria in your septic tank.

Foaming tree root killer is a more modern invention and is now preferred by many homeowners because the foaming action coats the inside of the pipe with a herbicide that prevents tree roots from returning.

What Tree Root Killer Won’t Do

Root killer has convenience on its side. Homeowners buy the can, pour it down the toilet and cross their fingers. It’s faster and cheaper than hiring a professional plumber. However, there are important things that tree root killer won’t do. For example:

  1. Tree root killer won’t tell you if the problem is actually caused by trees. Not all sewer clogs are caused by tree roots; sewers can clog for many reasons. Tampons. Kitty litter. Baby wipes. Adult wipes. The list goes on. If you’re blindly flushing chemicals down your toilet without certainty that your sewer problems are related to tree roots, you could be wasting precious time as your sewer clog becomes more dire. Sewer clogs can cause major damage, and delays in treatment can lead to expensive repairs down the road.
  2. Tree root killer won’t repair existing cracks in the line. If your sewer line has already been compromised by tree roots, there’s a good chance that your sewers need something more than chemicals. A compromised sewer line can degrade with time, and eventually collapse.

Think in the Long-Term

If your sewer clog is tree-root related, root killer may fix the immediate issue. Unfortunately, any existing cracks in your sewer line will persist long after the tree roots have been removed. The best thing you can do for your sewers is to contact a trained professional. From sewer inspection to hydro-jetting, sewer cleaning to trenchless sewer repair, a professional plumber can fix your long-term problem, so you can move on with your life. For more information about how sewer problem can be fixed by a professional plumber, contact Terry’s Plumbing.

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  1. Juan S. says:

    I am looking for the best root killer on the market, if there’s such thing , to help my house pipe clear at least till spring if possible, then I will look into hiring a contactor after taxes, because doing it professional it can run about $5k Is there an all weather since is December and it might be frost on the surface? Thanks.

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