How Do I Go About Choosing A Toilet?

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or replacing an old toilet, it’s important to pick the right fixture for your needs. While many homeowners assume that all toilets are the same, this could not be further from the truth. There are many different toilets on the market, spanning a range of styles. In this post, we’ll discuss the many factors that you’ll have to consider when choosing a toilet for your home.

Pick a Style

Residential toilets come in a variety of styles. The type of toilet you choose may depend on a variety of factors including personal preferences, size of the bathroom, budget and other factors. Some of the most widely available styles include:

  • Two-piece standard toilet: The two-piece standard toilet comes with a separate tank and bowl that are put together in the bathroom. This is the type of toilet that most people have in their homes.
  • One-piece toilet: Higher end toilets have a connected tank and bowl, so there’s nothing to assemble and there’s no seam between the pieces. In addition to being a little bit costly, one-piece toilets can be heavier to move and more cumbersome to install. That said, many homeowners like one-piece toilets because the lack of seam makes them easier to clean.
  • Wall-mounted toilet: Wall mounted toilets come with a tank hidden in the wall, leaving only the bowl visible. Wall-mounted toilets are more expensive to buy and even more expensive to install, but in a small bathroom, wall-mounted toilets take up much less space. One thing to consider when choosing a wall-mounted toilet is that the configuration of the plumbing behind the walls can get in the way of the toilet tank. It’s impossible to tell if this is going to be an issue until the wall is opened.
  • Pull chain toilet: Pull chain toilets come with the toilet tank mounted far above the bowl on the wall. These toilets can be space efficient and have an old fashioned charm that looks great in a Victorian-themed bathroom.

Consider Modern Conveniences

Toilets have changed a lot over time. Modern toilets come with a variety of cool amenities like seat heaters, remote control music, and spray deodorizers. These uber comfortable luxury toilets make going to the bathroom an experience similar to visiting a spa.

Choose a Color modern toilet

Most people choose toilets in a standard white color. Still, most companies will make toilets in a variety of colors, ranging from soft pastels to darker neutrals. Even whites can come in different shades.

When picking a color for your toilet, think about the way your toilet color will look against the other colors in your bathroom. In some cases, a colored toilet might be attractive if the rest of the bathroom is a darker color.

If you’d like to have a colorful toilet but are afraid to make a big commitment to a colored fixture, try buying a white toilet and colored toilet seat. This way, if you ever get tired of the color you can easily change the seat and leave the toilet in place.

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