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At Terry’s Plumbing, we have spent years writing informative articles to help you better understand your pipes, bathrooms, kitchens and homes in general. Throughout the years, there have been a few articles we’ve written that have withstood the test of time. Since these articles have proven so helpful to so many of our readers, we wanted to round up our top posts of all time for you.

One Flush Doesn’t Do The Trick? Ways To Improve Toilet Flush Power

We’ve all experienced it—a toilet that does not do what it needs to do within one flush. It’s annoying, time consuming and can even be embarrassing if you are around others. (No one wants to be known as the person who needs more than one flush.)

In this post, we discuss reasons why this could happen. Is your toilet clogged? We also explain how you can figure out exactly what is going on as well as a few recommended solutions.

To read more on this, visit our post here.

Can Pipes Freeze In One Night?

Frozen pipes can cause all kinds of issues. And to answer the question within the title—yes, they can freeze overnight. One such problem is that the pipes can burst if frozen, which can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage.

In this post, we discuss at what temperature your pipes can/will freeze. We also break down what happens if they do freeze and ways you can prevent them from this frozen fate. 

Learn how to prevent frozen pipes here.

Eliminate That Rotten Egg Smell From Your Water

Listen. Eggs are great. They’re full of protein, tasty, and, if cooked well, they can even smell good. There are times you want that smell in your life (breakfast). Then, there are times you do not want that smell invading your nostrils. One of those times is when you’re drinking or cleaning with water.

So, why does your water smell like rotten eggs?

And how can you eliminate this smell?

Learn more about this issue and what you can do about it here

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