Where are utility lines buried? Pittsburgh

Where are Utility Lines Buried? Find Out Before You Dig

As the weather warms up and the ground thaws, we start to think about those outdoor projects. Maybe you want to put in a garden, build a shed, install a new sewer line or update your gas lines. Any time your outdoor project is going to involve digging in your yard, you have to make sure to locate and avoid any and all utility lines. They aren’t always obvious, so make sure to be thorough. So, where are utility lines buried?

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How to tell if you need sewer line repairs | Plumber Pittsburgh

Don’t Let Sewer Line Repairs Ruin Your Summer BBQ

Summer is coming and we’re all getting excited. Soon we’ll be able to do more things outside and using our outdoor space to its fullest. Picnics, barbeques, gardening, games—you name it and it’s on our minds. However, it’s important to make sure your yard is ready for all that attention and traffic. We always have our minds on sewer line repairs and other plumbing related issues, so that’s where we start our focus.

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Benefits of French Drain Terry's Plumbing | Pittsburgh

Who Can Benefit from a French Drain?

Spring has officially sprung, and with all of that warm weather come April showers. For many of our homes and businesses, this sudden influx of water can lead to serious flooding and erosion issues. So, while you wait for those May flowers, discover if you can benefit from a French drain.

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Wait until the ground thaws | Terry's Plumbing

Wait Until the Ground Thaws for Springtime Projects

As soon as the warmer days start settling in, many of us begin thinking about all the outdoor projects we want to tackle. However, don’t be too hasty to get started. Make sure the ground thaws before certain yard projects. Why is waiting so important? Keep reading to learn more.

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How To Be Proactive With Your Plumbing During Heavy Rains

Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to their household plumbing until something goes drastically wrong — and when that happens, it’s often an expensive fix in more ways than one. Not only is a major plumbing crisis expensive to have repaired, your home may be unlivable until everything is back in working order. If you don’t have accommodating relatives or friends nearby, you may be on the hook for a motel room until your plumbing is up and running again. Fortunately, proactive strategies exist that make it possible for homeowners to circumvent many plumbing dilemmas. You probably already know that […]

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The Costs and Labor Associated with Owning a Pool

Pools are great in the summertime. There are few things better than sitting around by the pool with a group of friends on a hot summer day. The one thing that does make it better is if you’re not the one responsible for maintaining the pool. There’s an old saying about boats. “Don’t buy a boat, find a friend who has one.” The same can also be said for pools – depending on how much you use them. Pools are a great asset to any home. As long as they are maintained. So, what are some costs associated with owning […]

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How Replacing Your Sewer System Can Save You Money

Old sewers cost homeowners a lot of money. Blockages in old sewers can necessitate expensive sewer repairs, while cleanup costs can add to the bill. Many homeowners with sewer trouble spend thousands of dollars in a single year to repair and maintain their sewer line. For homeowners with newer, modern sewers, these problems do not typically occur. Homeowners who install a new sewer line can save money over time. What Causes Sewer Trouble? Sewer trouble can happen for many reasons. One of the most common reasons that sewer lines collapse is because of tree roots. Trees planted too close to […]

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Benefits of an Outdoor Shower

Have you ever thought about installing an outdoor shower? Outdoor showers make it possible to completely clean off your body without tracking in dirt. If you are a parent, dog owner or a homeowner with a pool, an outdoor shower is an excellent plumbing feature that can simplify your life. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the greatest benefits of installing an outdoor shower. Wash Off the Kids Kids have a way of getting dirty very quickly. Unfortunately, washing off all that mud can make your indoor shower dirty. For a parent, having a place to rinse of the […]

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Spring Has Sprung: Prepare Your Outdoor Plumbing

Winter is a time when pipes freeze, thaw and break, causing drips, leaks and other problems. Winter is also a time when gutters fill with leaves, debris and ice, causing backups and house leaks. When the winter ends, many homeowners make plumbing repairs, gutter repairs and take on other plumbing related maintenance tasks that may have accumulated over the winter. Some of the following tasks can help you identify problems that may have developed over the course of the winter while also helping to ensure that your home’s plumbing is in good condition for the warmer parts of the year. Interior Plumbing […]

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Are Your Pipes Ready For Winter?

Your home’s pipes go through a lot in the winter. With the temperatures outside dropping below freezing on a regular basis, preparing your home’s plumbing for the coming season can help prevent water leaks, burst pipes and other problems. The following tips will help you prepare your pipes for this coming winter. Insulate Your Pipes Pipe insulation helps to shield your pipes from extreme low temperatures, and also helps your home operate more efficiently. Pipe insulation comes in self-adhesive tubes that can easily be cut down to the right size and attached to the pipes in your home. If you’re […]

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