Why Is Toilet Paper White- The Ultimate Guide To Toilet Paper

Why Is Toilet Paper White? The Ultimate Toilet Paper Guide

Question: Why Is Toilet Paper White? Probably the most common question about surrounding toilet paper is “Why is the color always white?”. Well believe it or not this has not always been the case. In fact, colored toilet paper was first put on the market in the 1950’s and became popular in the 1970’s. Homeowners were attracted to this toilet paper because they could color coordinate their toilet paper with their bathrooms. Popular colors at the time were pink, blue, yellow, green, peach, and black. Unfortunately there were some unfortunate implications that caused the demise of colored toilet paper. It […]

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geometric tile

Do You Understand The Pros and Cons Of Tiling Your Shower?

If you are thinking about remodeling your shower, there are a few things to consider. Would you prefer a tiled shower or a prefabricated shower stall? What kind of things are important to consider when making this decision? Showers come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, really small showers don’t function well with tiled floor and walls. If you are considering your shower with tile, this list of pros and cons will help make your decision easier. Pros Look: Tile usually has a nicer appeal compared to the traditional prefabricated shower design. Tiles come in various colors and styles, providing […]

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Winter Plumbing Tips: Keep your home running smoothly this holiday season.

More Winter Plumbing Tips: Keep Your Home Running Smoothly This Holiday Season

Expecting guests over the holidays? Or visiting relatives away from home? Either way, the holidays are full of friends and family coming together. Many families rearrange their living space in order to make room for extra company. The kitchen is also frequently filled to the maximum capacity, with preparation of a holiday feast underway. Pay attention to these easy tips to avoid any serious plumbing issues and keep your home running smoothly for your family and guests over this holiday season. Cooking: We all know the holiday season brings phenomenal amounts of food. Holiday dinners like anything else, takes a […]

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How To Prepare Your Pipes For The Pittsburgh Winter

How to Prepare Your Pipes For Winter In Pittsburgh

It’s human nature to wait until the last minute before we fix something. How does the saying go? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke? However, this saying isn’t applicable for piping systems in the winter. If you want to avoid headaches and unforeseen plumbing costs, prepare your pipes for the harsh Pittsburgh winter NOW. Winter is almost in full swing, which means dropping temperatures and freezing pipes. Preparing plumbing systems for winter will limit frozen pipes and save you an exceptional amount of money once the winter kicks into full gear. Frozen pipes aren’t an ideal situation. They can […]

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Squealing shower? Eliminate the unnecessary noise.

Do You Have A Squealing Shower? Eliminate The Noise Now.

Squealing pipes are a common complaint among homeowners, and luckily, most of the common causes are relatively easy to fix. Homeowners with minimal DIY skills and a few basic tools can often diagnose the problem themselves. There are many reasons that a shower head could be whining. Discovering the source of the problem takes time and experimentation. Clean the Shower Head Mineral deposits or sediment can build up in the shower head and block the exit ports, increasing the pressure in the pipes and resulting in a loud whine. If this is the cause of the noise, clearing the blockages […]

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Ways To Improve Toilet Flush Power

One Flush Doesn’t Do The Trick? Ways To Improve Toilet Flush Power

Have you ever used a toilet that didn’t flush well? Stuck with the embarrassing obligation of waiting in the bathroom until you are able to flush the toilet again? This problem makes it harder to keep your toilet bowl clean and wastes water since you have to flush more than one time. Here are some home remedies that will help improve the overall power of your toilet flush! Step #1: Figure out if your toilet is clogged. You can do this by pouring a gallon of water into your toilet and flushing it. If the toilet doesn’t flush efficiently then […]

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Is Bottled Water Safer Than Tap Water To Drink

Is Bottled Water Safer Than Tap Water To Drink?

Many people believe that bottled water is safer to drink than tap water. They think by avoiding tap water, the end user is less susceptible to diseases and contamination. Is there any validity to these statements? The answer to this question and more will be discussed below. Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water Bottled water is more of a type of product you buy at your local grocery store than a type of water. More often than not, bottle water is nothing more than spring water. Most people imagine spring water coming from a rushing fountain somewhere near an ice-capped mountain. […]

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Squealing shower? Eliminate the unnecessary noise.

Shower Gets Hot When Toilet is Flushed: Fixing A Temperature Change

The sudden eruption of scalding hot water in the shower is a frightening situation. The last thing someone wants when they are in the shower is lava-like water suddenly piercing his or her skin. Not only does this outburst of hot water cause severe pain and inconvenience, but it also leaves the individual with severely burned skin. Talk about starting your day on the wrong note…. The most obvious question to ask when sudden hot water from the shower spears your skin is “Why does this happen?” The answer to this question is actually more simple than you might expect. […]

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Water Tastes Like Dirt- What To Do If Water Tastes Or Smells Bad

Water Tastes Like Dirt: Reasons Your Water May Taste And Smell Bad

Whether you get your water from a well or a city supply, it’s important to make sure that the water in your home is sanitary at all times. Over the years, we’ve run into some complaints from city residents who say that their water has a gritty texture that resembles dirt when they drink it. When asked, we sometimes struggle to come up with a definitive answer. The “dirt” taste in water can be extremely subjective and can also come from multiple locations. Hence, we hesitate to ever pinpoint the problem to any one source. However, there are some common […]

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Are Wet Wipes Flushable

Are Wet Wipes Flushable?

Pre-moistened towelettes called “wet wipes” are becoming an increasing trend in our bathroom culture. Due to the convenience and comfort they offer, more and customers are opting to buy these wet wipes instead of traditional toilet paper. The fact that many of these wipes are being marketed as flushable, keeps them competitive with their paper rival as users are not forced to find some alternative means of disposing of them. But are these wet wipes really as flushable as their vendors would like us to think? We at Terry’s Plumbing did a little investigating to dig into the answer. The […]

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