Bathroom Nicknames Explained

Let’s be honest, the bathroom is one of (if not the most) important rooms in your home. From taking care of business to simply preparing for the day ahead, all of us spend quite a lot of time in there. As with all things we care about, we’ve developed affectionate nicknames for our favorite room. But have you ever wondered where these alternative turns of phrase come from? Let’s explore some of them. 

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Hurting your plumbing is like flushing money down the toilet | Terry's Plumbing Pittsburgh

Are You Helping or Hurting Your Plumbing?

A lot of us like to consider ourselves DIY-ers. We like to save money by fixing our own plumbing and other household problems. We get it. But sometimes you’re actually doing more harm than good. We also all have some bad habits that contribute to our plumbing problems. Are you sure the work you’re about to do won’t wind up hurting your plumbing?

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Woman cleaning up water from a burst pipe | Terry's Plumbing Pittsburgh

Damage from a Burst Pipe? Here’s What to Do

Winter comes with its own set of challenges. Among them is the danger of frozen pipes. When your pipes freeze, they can crack or burst, leaving you with a soggy mess and a good amount of damage. Yes, a burst pipe is no fun, but with the right know-how, you can mitigate the damage and move on. Here’s what you need to know and do if you’re dealing with damage from a burst pipe. 

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2020 Home Renovation Resolutions | Terry's Plumbing

Tackle Your 2020 Home Renovation Resolutions

Eating better and exercising more are at the top of everyone’s wish lists right now, but why not treat your home just as well as you treat yourself? With a little prioritizing, you can tackle your 2020 home renovation resolutions in no time. Just answer these core questions and get to work. 

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2020 Bathroom Design Trends | Terry's Plumbing

2020 Bathroom Design Trends

New year, new look. Before you embark on that long-anticipated bathroom remodel, stop to think about the new looks to incorporate into your project. Add some extra pop and enhance your home’s value with these emerging 2020 bathroom design trends.

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Plumbing Sounds That Interrupt a Good Night’s Sleep | Terry's Plumbing

Plumbing Sounds That Interrupt a Good Night’s Sleep

Bang, clang, drip, drop. There’s no construction zone outside your home, but you’ve heard plenty of loud noises lately. These bumps in the night could be plumbing sounds with specific causes. Learn to recognize the signs of trouble and appropriate repair measures. 

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What to Do If Your Septic System is Leaking | Terry's Plumbing

What to Do if Your Septic System is Leaking

Last week, we talked about ways to tell if your septic system is leaking. If this happens, all is not lost. It’s easy to get your system back on track by taking a few important steps. These measures will detail what to do if your septic system is leaking. 

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How to Tell if Your Septic System is Leaking | Terry's Plumbing

How to Tell if Your Septic System is Leaking

Septic troubles stink…literally. And they might creep up on you unexpectedly. However, there are a few simple ways to detect trouble. Learn how to tell if your septic system is leaking.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies | Terry's Plumbing

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

The home cleaning aisles of local stores are treasure troves for endless supplies, but if you’re looking to be a bit greener, DIY cleaning products might even be better. Check out a few easy swaps from name brand to eco-friendly cleaning supplies for you kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else around the house. 

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Holiday Decorating Tips | Terry's Plumbing

Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

With just a few weeks until the winter holidays, there’s little time to deck the halls (and tree, house and yard). Create a quick and festive look indoors and out with holiday decorating tips ideal for any skill level.

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