Pumpkin guts: A Plumbing Nightmare | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

Pumpkin Guts: A Plumbing Nightmare

Pumpkin carving is a must for the Halloween season! This blog contains tips to make sure this fun filled tradition doesn’t become a plumbing nightmare.

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Worrisome Noises that Haunt your Pipes | Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

Worrisome Noises that Haunt your Pipes

When the pipes in your home are silent you probably don’t give them much thought. But what do you do when they start making some haunting noises?

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Garbage Disposal Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

What can’t you put in your Garbage Disposal?

Figuring out what you can and can’t put in your garbage disposal can be puzzling. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re not damaging your disposal!

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Top Posts of All Time Pittsburgh | Terry's Plumbing

Super Terry’s Top Posts of All Time

At Terry’s Plumbing, we have spent years writing informative articles to help you better understand your pipes, bathrooms, kitchens and homes in general. Throughout the years, there have been a few articles we’ve written that have withstood the test of time. Since these articles have proven so helpful to so many of our readers, we wanted to round up our top posts of all time for you.

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Plumbing money-saving tips | Pittsburgh, PA | Terry's Plumbing

How can my plumber save me money this summer?

Interested to know how your plumbing system can save you money? Below are some tips to save yourself the hassle and the headache of a costly repair. 

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Finding and Fixing Plumbing Leaks | Terry's Plumbing

Finding and Fixing Plumbing Leaks

Try as we might, our homes never run with 100% efficiency. The AC is busted or the dishwasher is down for the count. Plumbing issues also top the list of household nuisances, sending your home (and perhaps your sanity) into disarray. Where’s that dripping sound coming from? Why is the floor wet? Leaky plumbing is a common problem, and sometimes you can fix it yourself. Let’s look at how to find out if you have a plumbing leak and what to do about it. 

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Grease Clogs | Terry's Plumbing

Grease Clogs: Dealing with Pesky Drain Problems

Plumbing issues are always a headache. A major source of stress: drain clogs. From hair in the tub to toilet troubles, clogs happen frequently. But so many of them happen in the heart of the home–the kitchen. Why? Fat, oil and grease get into drain pipes from daily cooking and cleaning. Luckily, grease clogs are easy to detect and fix.

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Tips for Making Sure your Tap Water is Safe to Drink

Whether you have a well or you’re on city water, it’s important to make sure you’re using some sort of water filtration system to ensure the water coming out of your faucet is safe to drink. Tap water is great. It’s cost effective, environment friendly, and it means you don’t have to lug those heavy cases of water from your car into your house. Who would’ve thought 35 bottles of water would be so heavy? Water Filtration Options There are numerous water filtration options  ranging in price and functionality. You can buy a whole house water filter if you really […]

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How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great. It certainly helps during the cleanup portion of dinner. Many sinks today are equipped with garbage disposals already, but if you find yourself buying one and deciding whether or not to try and install it yourself, then you should read this first. If you’re not exactly DIY savvy, you should have a professional install it. If you are the DIY type,  this step-by-step process should be very helpful during your garbage disposal installation. Turn the Power Off and Get Rid of the Old Drain / Pipes The first thing you should do is make sure you […]

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Should You Call a Plumber To Install Your New Dishwasher?

Ever wonder how that dishwasher fits so perfectly in-between your kitchen cabinets? How the heck it’s connected? Can you do it yourself? The answer? Well, probably. However, you’ll want to read this first. There are a few instances when you’ll  need to call a plumber to avoid any issues.   First things first… Not all dishwashers are created equal. If you have dreams of going to Lowe’s or Home Depot and coming home with a fancy new dishwasher, there are a few things you should consider.   Measure the space (sounds obvious, but also easy to forget) Do some research […]

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