No Cold Water In Shower

No Cold Water In Your Shower? Here’s How To Fix It.

Summer is coming! You’re going to want to take some cool showers when the weather heats up, especially if you don’t like running the A/C on all day long. If you’re having an issue getting cold water in your shower, fixing that problem is going to become critical to your happiness when the weather gets warm. The Solution Is to Replace the Cartridge The most likely cause of your problem is a defective pressure balancing spool, which is a part of the cartridge inside your shower faucet. To fix the problem, you’ll need to replace the cartridge. Replacing the Cartridge is […]

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Swirl Faucet Design

This Swirling Faucet Design Will Help Save You Water

At Terry’s Plumbing, we like beautiful things. We also like plumbing fixtures, and award winning stuff, and we like anything that is environmentally friendly. So when we heard about this beautiful, environmentally friendly, award winning plumbing fixture, we got really excited. For this month’s post, we’re showcasing this brilliant faucet, called the Swirl, that’s been making a splash on various websites online. It’s all about water conservation You’ve surely heard that water conservation is of critical importance for environmentally concerned citizens, and will probably become more important in the coming years. After all, water is the linchpin of human existence, and […]

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Prevent Ghost Flushing

Prevent Ghost Flushing In Your Bathroom

You’re lying in bed, it’s 12:30 at night. The witching hour. You’re about to drift off to sleep when suddenly you hear it: the toilet flushes in the empty bathroom down the hall. Is it a ghost flushing your toilet? The most likely answer is no. Unless your house was built over a pet cemetery, you probably have a common leak. Ghost Flushing 101 To understand why your toilet flushes when no one has pushed the lever, you must first understand the way a toilet works. When you push the lever to flush your toilet, the water in the toilet tank […]

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Sump Pump Keeps Running

How To Stop A Sump Pump That Keeps Running

There are a variety of factors that could cause your sump pump to run continuously, but regardless of the reason, a sump pump that runs without stop will burn out more quickly than a sump pump that runs intermittently. In other words, fixing a continuously sump pump is critical. In the majority of cases, the problem originates with the sump pump float switch, and can be fixed by the homeowner. Sump Pump Float Switch Issues The sump pump float switch is a mechanical float that controls the power to the sump pump. When the float is tilted upward, the switch […]

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Washing Machine Wont Drain

My Washing Machine Won’t Drain

So, your washing machine isn’t draining. Don’t panic! There are many reasons that you could be having this problem, and many washing machine repairs can be made personally by homeowners. These steps will walk you through the process of determining the problem and fixing the machine. Drain the Water Your first step will be to drain the water out of the washing machine. This will also present you with an opportunity to check the first possible source of the problem: the drainage hose. Unplug the machine and pull it away from the wall. At this point, you should inspect the […]

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How To Load A Front End Washing Machine

Cleaning A Front Loading Washing Machine

Front load washing machines tend to be reliable and energy efficient, which makes them the washing machine of choice for a variety of homeowners. Unfortunately, repeated uses of front load washing machines can lead to the development of mold around the rim, inside the doorway and within the drum. In addition to the fact that this mold and mildew can rub off on clothing and cause stains, mold can also infuse your clothes with a musty smell. Fortunately, there are many DIY methods for cleaning mold from a front loading washing machine, as well as methods for preventing this problem […]

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Terry's Plumbing Logo

Our Latest Google+ Reviews

The masses have spoken! This post compiles some of the most glowing compliments our customers have bestowed upon us and we’re proud of our good work. Take a look for yourself. “Terry’s quote was $3,900…that’s less than 1/3 the other two guys! Within an hour of Terry being there, there were 3 new guys at the house with a small backhoe getting to work on removing the old line. That was Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday mid-day, I had a new main-line and the work was complete, no hassles at all.  “The best thing about this is that I told the first two […]

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Fix A Leaking Garbage Disposal

Fix That Leaking Garbage Disposal

So, your garbage disposal is leaking and you don’t want to call the plumber. Of all the things that can leak in your house, the garbage disposal definitely isn’t the worst. Many people who enjoy tackling DIY projects can fix this problem without too much effort or purchasing a bunch of specialized tools. We’ve posted this tutorial to help you solve this problem in your own home. FYI: garbage disposals connect to the sink and pipes in various places and leaks can occur at all connections, so we’ve divided this post into separate tutorials to help you with different types […]

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Load Your Dishwasher Like An Expert

If you’re a typical homeowner, you probably spend hours a day cleaning your kitchen and doing the dishes. These chores can be a pain, but the dishwasher can cut the time you spend washing dishes in half. We’re dedicating this post of dishwasher loading tips to the people who slave away in the kitchen every day. We want you to make the most of your time, so that you can move on to bigger and better tasks around the house. Tip #1: Follow the Loading Instructions So, maybe you bought your house with a dishwasher pre-installed, or maybe you bought […]

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Why You Should Never Flush Tampons Down The Toilet

Never Flush Tampons Down The Toilet. Ever.

Ladies who use tampons: this is an important post that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on sewer or septic tank repair. Our advice is simple. Never flush tampons down the toilet. Ever. Don’t Do It Even If the Tampon Box Says You Can For some reason, tampon companies frequently market their tampons as “flushable”. While many tampons will usually go down the toilet without causing a clog, your tampon company does not know what is best for your plumbing or sewer line. At Terry’s Plumbing, we do–and we can tell you this is bad advice. Here’s why. […]

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