Is Your Ice Maker Acting Slow

Is Your Ice Maker Or Water Dispenser Acting Slow?

Refrigerators that dispense water and produce ice are probably among of the greatest appliances invented during the 20th century. It’s such a fantastic luxury to get cold water, ice cubes and deli meat all from the same location. That’s why it’s such a downer when ice production slows down or the water dispenser takes 10 minutes to fill a cup. If you refrigerator’s ice maker or water dispenser has been letting you down recently, these tips can help you fix the problem without calling an expert. What To Do If Your Water Line Is Slow Check your owner’s manual to find out if your water […]

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Ceiling Is Leaking

Easily Find The Source Of Any Ceiling Leak

The signs of a ceiling leak are numerous, and as a result, identifying the source of a ceiling leak can be tricky. Once a leak is identified, the correct repair professional can be called, or you can attempt to fix the leak personally. Either way, finding the source of the leak before calling in a professional can prevent time from being wasted. Signs of a Leak Before you can identify the source of a ceiling leak, first you must recognize the signs that a ceiling leak has occurred. Wet ceiling: This is the most obvious sign of a ceiling leak. Clean […]

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Shower Is Too Hot Or Cold

Is Your Shower Too Hot/Cold?

At this time of year, hot showers are valued and many homeowners change the temperature of their hot water heater to reflect their desire for warmth. Still, some homeowners find it difficult to find the perfect equilibrium in their hot water heater, and the result is a shower or bath that runs too hot or too cold. Other baths and showers simply run too hot or cold, regardless of the hot water heater temperature. There are several options for solving this problem. Adjust the Hot Water Heater Temperature It’s possible your shower runs hot or cold because you just haven’t […]

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Perfect Gifts For Bathrooms

Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones’ Bathroom

Christmas is coming soon and we know that you’re thinking about gifts for your loved ones. To jump start your holiday shopping, we’ve put together a list of our favorite bathroom-related gift ideas. These bathroom accessories are unique, fun and creative. Happy shopping! World Map Shower Curtain The perfect gift for a world traveler! This fun and educational world map shower curtain can teach you about the geography of the planet while you soap up your body and wash your hair. It could also be an excellent gift choice for a child’s bathroom! Cloud-Shaped Toilet Paper Storage Whimsical, funny and […]

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How Showers Can Help Your Cold

How Showers Can Help Your Cold This Winter

Like many people, you may get a number of colds this winter. Out of concern for your well-being, we’re posting this article about some surprising effects that cold (and hot!) showers can have on your health. Why Cold Showers Are Good for Your Health Living in most of the US, you probably get enough of cold temperatures just by stepping out your own front door between the months of October and March. That said, cold showers are said to have a number of healthful properties that can positively impact your body and even help ward off the effects of common […]

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Create A Frozen Pipe Alarm

Create Your Own Frozen Pipe Alarm

With Winter almost here, many homeowners are finding themselves worrying that their pipes will freeze. At best, frozen pipes are an inconvenience because they cannot deliver water to the faucet. At worse, the pressure from expanding water inside the pipes can cause the pipes to burst, leading to terrible water damage when the water inside finally thaws. Homeowners who are worried that their pipes will freeze may have fun making a “frozen pipe alarm.” This alarm alerts homeowners when the air around the pipes drops to a temperature near freezing, indicating that it’s time to turn on a slow trickle […]

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How To Identify A Broken Pipe

How To Locate A Broken Pipe

If you suspect you have a leak in your house, either because of high water bills or moisture problems somewhere in your home, finding the broken pipe before calling in the plumber can save you money. Finding a leak isn’t always an easy task–nor is it an exact science. These tips will help you, but in some cases you won’t be able to find the exact location. Still, knowing the general area where a leak is will save your plumber time and shave dollars off the bill. Determine if you Have a Leak Before you start looking for the leak, […]

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Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

You may have heard that the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest plumbing day of the year–and it’s true that there is a spike of plumbing problems that occurs on Black Friday. Knowing what those plumbing problems are and where they come from will help you avoid plumbing issues in your home this coming Thanksgiving. Common Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Issues You can expect two parts of the house to exhibit plumbing problems on Thanksgiving day: the kitchen and the bathroom. The reasons behind this are probably obvious. With all those turkey scraps, potato peels and starchy foods disappearing down the […]

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Natural Methods For Unclogging Pipes

Natural Methods To Unclog Pipes

You may have heard that chemical drain cleaners are terrible for your pipes. Harsh chemicals that dissolve clogs can also wreak havoc on your plumbing–particularly if your pipes are made of plastic or galvanized steel. What you may not have heard is that many homeowners have been clearing their own clogs for years, without the use of harsh chemicals. These natural solutions will dissolve clogs, clean your pipes and keep them clog-free without the use of expensive drain cleaners. Materials used to Clean Drains There isn’t a single recipe for natural homemade drain cleaner. There are many recipes, and most […]

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Fix Leaking Water Heater

Fix A Leaking Water Heater

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that a leaking water heater can be a very serious problem. A breached water heater has the potential to cause a massive flood, leading to devastating water damage. Should you attempt to repair the leak and are unsuccessful, you could face thousands of dollars in home repairs. For this reason, some beginners may feel more comfortable seeking help from a certified plumber. That said, some water heater leaks have some easy fixes. If you feel comfortable fixing your own water heater, these tips will help you. Identify the Problem Your first course of […]

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