Pittsburgh plumber

When Should You Call a Pittsburgh Plumber?

Often times we call plumbers for large projects such as replacing pipes, or installing toilets, but sometimes it’s the smaller problems that need the most attention. A leaky faucet may not seem like a big deal, but letting it drip can end up costing you way more than necessary. Calling a Pittsburgh plumber today about your dripping problem will help to prevent these four potential dangers. Mold When water leaks, where it’s leaking can start to grow mold, especially if it’s in a moist area like a bathroom or a dark drain. It starts out as black and white spores, […]

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sewer relining

3 Reasons to Hire a Pittsburgh Plumber for Sewer Relining

If you’ve ever had a Pittsburgh plumber come out for a “free consultation,” chances are, you’ve listened to a sales pitch or two about sewer relining. Sewer relining is a process that coats the inside of your pipes, keeping your sewer pipes protected from roots, cracks and other internal issues that could keep your plumbing from working properly. Many sewer relining processes, including our Perma-Liner procedure, work on multiple varieties of pipes and can save you from the headache of digging up your yard or driveway to access pipes for a full sewer pipe replacement. While sewer relining may not […]

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