How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

One of the great things about springtime is Easter. So much fun and candy, plus egg dying! It can be so much fun and there are so many different ways to do it. Check out some of these great ways to dye your eggs this year.

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How Do They Dye Rivers Green for St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and across many cities, people will be seeing their rivers turn green! How does it happen? Whether related to the holiday or not, everyone likes things to be green for St. Patrick’s Day. We like to take a break from our day-to-day work life and use this as an excuse to drink, dance, wear ridiculous amounts of green and even dye our rivers!

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Football Stadiums and Plumbing Systems

When you go to a football game, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the plumbing. A toilet is a toilet, right? Wrong! At Terry’s Plumbing, we’re awed by impressive plumbing fixtures and systems, and during football season, we like to reflect on the amazing feat of engineering and design that makes up the plumbing system of an average football stadium. When you’re building a stadium that holds as many as 69,000 spectators in one event, it’s not enough to simply supply a few bathrooms for all the people inside. Quantity of toilets makes a difference, and in the […]

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How One Document Solved The Great Toilet Paper Debate

How 1 Document Solved The Great Toilet Paper Debate

It’s the eternal debate between newlyweds and roommates: which direction should the toilet paper hang? Does the loose end drape over the top or hang from the bottom? Which one is better? Until just recently, it seemed like this giant question in the sky would be forever unanswered and left to opinion. Today, new evidence suggests that there actually is a right and wrong way to hang your toilet paper on the roll. Seth Wheeler’s 1891 Patent Toilet paper has been in use for centuries, but not always in a form that our modern society would recognize. According to Wikipedia, toilet […]

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The 5 Most Inspirational “Get Marty” Stories

You’ve all seen the local news segment on KDKA, where reporter Marty Griffin addresses social justice issues in the Pittsburgh area. This week’s posting is dedicated to the 5 best Get Marty segments and we’ve included a very special episode at end of this blog post! 1. Garth Brooks Fan Battling Cancer   Angie Kervelis is a woman with stage 4 cancer who had plans to go see Garth Brooks in concert. When she was told that her next round of chemotherapy would coincide with the upcoming concert, she called Ticketmaster repeatedly seeking a refund, but to no avail. When […]

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Pittsburgh Rubber Duck

The Top 5 Most Pittsburgh Bathroom Accessories

We know how much you love Pittsburgh: its people, its food, its culture. In celebration of our home town, we have assembled this list of top 5 Pittsburgh-related bathroom accessories for you! Steelers Bathroom Don’t be the last one on your block to get a Steeler’s bathroom! You can find accessories online and in stores across the city. From Steeler’s shower curtains to Steelers hand towels and Steeler’s toothbrushes, the Steelers bathroom is a thing of beauty in many proud Pittsburgh households. One of the most unique accessories available is the Steelers helmet toothbrush holder that attaches to your wall. How could you not want […]

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Perfect Gifts For Bathrooms

Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones’ Bathroom

Christmas is coming soon and we know that you’re thinking about gifts for your loved ones. To jump start your holiday shopping, we’ve put together a list of our favorite bathroom-related gift ideas. These bathroom accessories are unique, fun and creative. Happy shopping! World Map Shower Curtain The perfect gift for a world traveler! This fun and educational world map shower curtain can teach you about the geography of the planet while you soap up your body and wash your hair. It could also be an excellent gift choice for a child’s bathroom! Cloud-Shaped Toilet Paper Storage Whimsical, funny and […]

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Ways Not To Use A Toilet

5 Ways You’re NOT Supposed To Use The Toilet

Ok, you know what a toilet is for. Toilets serve a very specific, very special role in the household, and for many toilets, this role doesn’t change very much. However there are some instances where people don’t use the toilet for its intended purpose. Toilet Tow Zone Imagine how Tom Suica’s toilet must have felt when it got strapped to a bicycle and left in a parking spot outside. Mr. Suica was angry because the steakhouse had claimed three parking spots in the street in front of Mr. Suica’s home. To protest, Mr. Suica did what any good plumber might […]

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Should You Shower In The Morning Or At Night

Should You Shower In The Morning Or At Night?

Your morning routine is what starts off your day, so everything hinges on it. One of the big questions that many adults face regarding their morning routine is the issue of when to shower. What’s best for you depends on your routines, your preferences and even your body’s natural rhythms. Showering In the Morning: Pros and Cons Showering in the morning gives you a nice blast of energy, and can even be used to replace coffee if you’re trying to cut back. Of course, for many people the biggest draw back to showering in the morning is that extra spent […]

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Super Mario World

Why Mario Became a Plumber

Super Mario Bros: We’ve all heard of Mario and Luigi. Most of us have even played a game or two that boasted these hard-working characters. No matter the parts of the games you play, there’s almost always two things in common–Mario and Luigi have their hats on and are wearing work clothes. But what exactly is it that Mario does? According to an article released in 1988 by New York Times, he was a janitor. 25 years later in 2013, New York Times released a statement saying the writer had been mistaken and that Mario is really a plumber. But […]

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